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Property Complaints


For bylaw enforcement enquiries not requiring a formal complaint: 

Phone: 604.532.7551
Online: Ask a Question
To file a formal complaint, fill out one of the following forms or call the number below:

Property Complaint Form is for all property complaints, such as:
  • Unsightly premises
  • Too many vehicles
  • RV parking
Phone: 604.532.7551
To file a formal complaint, such as:
  • Barking dogs on private property
  • Dog-related matters on private property
Phone: 604.857.5055

Bylaw Information

Municipal governments have authority under the provincial Community Charter to create bylaws that regulate a wide variety of matters. To read the Township of Langley bylaws, click on the links below:

If you are unable to locate a specific bylaw, contact:

Legislative Services Department

Disclaimer: The Township of Langley documents contained on this website are for information purposes only. To verify the accuracy and currency of this information, contact Legislative Services as noted above.

Bylaw Ticket Payments

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More Information

Bylaw Enforcement Department

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