As of December 2014, the Township of Langley employed 1,232 people. Our staff is made up of regular full-time, regular part-time, auxiliary, and casual personnel. Every employee is considered an ambassador of the Township and plays a vital role in making sure the daily needs of our residents are met. Township ambassadors can be found throughout the corporation in the eight divisions indicated below.

  • Corporate Administration

    Director, Steve Scheepmaker

    Communication is the key to success in all great businesses.  With nine departments, Corporate Administration provides corporate leadership and services that create the communication link between Township Council, municipal divisions, staff, and the public.

    This division develops and maintains technology, supports Mayor and Council, prepares Council and committee agendas and minutes, facilitates corporate communications, manages municipal land and properties, provides business solutions and support, facilitates film production coordination, manages Langley Regional Airport and leverages economic development through activities and services.  It delivers special events such as the annual Municipal Awareness Day for school children, stages corporate events, oversees Freedom of Information requests, manages corporate records, and produces the Annual Report. 

    Contact information:  604.533.6075 or info@tol.ca

  • Community Development 

    General Manager, Ramin Seifi

    Providing leadership for the development of a sustainable community, Community Development is focused on creating sustainable neighbourhoods that meet the needs of residents and businesses now and in the future. This division helps manage growth while respecting the environment and protecting our heritage.

    Seven departments provide professional services and advice to the public, developers, consultants, staff, and Council. Community Development plans communities, supports businesses, and coordinates building permit applications. This division also establishes Development Cost Charges, encourages the use of green features, and ensures new development and infrastructure complies with bylaws, codes, and standards.

    Contact information: 604.533.6034 or cdinfo@tol.ca

  • Engineering

    General Manager, Ramin Seifi

    No matter where you look in Langley Township you can see the projects and services provided by the Engineering Division. From clean water delivered to homes and waste flushed away, to garbage and recycling collection and flood prevention, this is only a portion of the Engineering Division’s portfolio.

    Five departments oversee capital infrastructure construction and installation, road construction and traffic safety, environmental protection, waste management, water, sewer and stormwater systems, parks and open spaces maintenance, cemetery maintenance, soil deposition, local area service projects, surveying, construction and maintenance of municipal buildings and systems, and maintenance of a green corporate vehicle fleet.             

    Contact information: 604.532.7300 or enginfo@tol.ca

  • Finance

    Director, Karen Sinclair

    Money matters and no one knows this better than the four departments within the Finance Division. In managing the Township’s fiscal affairs, this division monitors expenditures, ensures internal financial systems operate effectively, and constantly looks at ways to deliver services more efficiently.

    Finance staff ensures taxes and utility charges are collected, goods and services are purchased, and that people get paid. Finance also develops operating and capital budgets, manages liability claims and insurance, and prepares annual and quarterly financial statements and reports.

    Contact information: 604.533.6022 or fininfo@tol.ca

  • Human Resources

    Director, Shannon Harvey-Renner

    This department takes care of one of our most important assets: our people. Human Resources provide service resources for our members of the Canadian Union of Public Employees Local 403, the International Association of Firefighters Local 4550, and exempt staff.

    The seven departments provide expertise on people-related issues, recruit employees, provide training, and ensure a healthy and safe work environment is maintained. Human Resources also oversees collective bargaining and labour relations, provides job evaluations, organizes employee recognition and wellness programs, and processes payroll, T4s, and benefits.

    Contact information: 604.533.6061 hrinfo@tol.ca

  • Protective Services - Fire

    Fire Chief, Stephen Gamble

    Committed to protecting life, property, and the environment, the Township’s Fire Department career members and paid-call crews respond to fires, vehicle crashes, and other emergency situations. The division, coordinates emergency planning, prevents fires through education and planning, conducts fire investigations, and trains staff, the public, and other agencies. 

    There are seven fire halls in the Township of Langley:

    • Fire Hall 2 - Fort Langley 23137 - 96 Avenue
    • Fire Hall 3 - Aldergrove 26316 - 30A Avenue
    • Fire Hall 4 - Willoughby 20253 - 72 Avenue
    • Fire Hall 5 - Brookswood 20355 - 32 Avenue
    • Fire Hall 6 - Murrayville 22170 - 50 Avenue
    • Fire Hall 7 - Otter 3876 - 248 Street
    • Fire Hall 8 - Walnut Grove 9580 - 208 Street

    Office Hours/Administration (08:30 - 16:30): Administration - 604.532.7500 or fireinfo@tol.ca
    After Hours: Non-Emergency - 604.534.3496
    Emergency: 911

  • Protective Services - RCMP

    Superintendent, Murray Power

    These are the people we count on to keep our community safe. The Langley RCMP creates a safer community through enforcement, education, and awareness. From investigating serious offences to working with residents and businesses to reduce crime, the police department targets hot spots, responds to public safety issues, and provides programs to solve problems.

    Victims of crime and traumatic events are provided support through the RCMP, and staff members interact with the public, regional police organizations, and the media. General duty members follow up on over 150 calls per day, while the traffic section helps reduce collisions through education, enforcement, and engineering.

    Contact information: 604.532.3200 or langleyrcmp@rcmp-grc.gc.ca

  • Recreation, Culture, and Parks

    Creating and supporting active, healthy lifestyles for our residents and guests is at the forefront of Recreation, Culture, and Parks (RCP). The division strives to improve health and encourage active lifestyles by offering indoor and outdoor services for all ages, skills, and interests. Five departments provide programs, hold community events, prepare bi-annual Leisure Guide publication and communications, oversee public registration, manage the Township’s urban forest, and develop parks and trails.             


    The Township is committed to providing our residents and visitors with healthy lifestyle opportunities. Within the Township you will find a variety of ways to enhance well-being through six community and recreation facilities, more than 100 parks, green spaces, trails, four swimming pools, two ice rinks, six libraries, and a museum. 

    Contact information: 604.533.6086 or prinfo@tol.ca.

For a more detailed description of division responsibilities, read our Annual Report.

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