Mayor and Council (2015-2018)


Jack Froese

Petrina Arnason

David Davis

Charlie Fox

Bob Long

Angie Quaale

Kim Richter

Michelle Sparrow

Blair Whitmarsh


Council history
Known as the Birthplace of BC, it was here in the Township of Langley that the proclamation that created the crown colony of British Columbia was made on November 19, 1858. Incorporated in 1873, the Township is a unique place that respects its past while building towards a thriving, sustainable future. Home to six distinct, vibrant communities and surrounded by scenic rural beauty, it has a population of 113,000 who live within 316 square kilometres.

Since its incorporation, local government in the Township has been provided by a Mayor (formerly a “Warden” and later a “Reeve”) and Council. Currently, a Mayor and eight Councillors make up Council. Members of Council are elected for four-year terms. The current term of office started December 1, 2014, and will conclude in October 2018, when a municipal election will be held.

Council’s primary duties are to create administrative policy, adopt bylaws on matters delegated to local government through the Local Government Act and other Provincial statutes to protect the public, and to collect taxes for those purposes. Council also acquires, manages, and disposes of the Township’s assets. Council’s vision sets a course of action and charts goals that are accomplished by municipal staff under the direction of the Chief Administrative Officer.

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Mayor and Council

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