Township Event Calendar

The Township of Langley hosts a number of events throughout the year. Other non-Township of Langley hosted events are listed on Tourism Langley’s website.


Active Events

Start End Events
May-25-2015 May-25-2015 Training Fruit Trees to Produce More Fruit
May-25-2015 Jun-01-2015 Third Annual Upcycling Design Challenge
Jun-01-2015 Jun-08-2015 Seniors' Week: June 1 - 7
Jun-11-2015 Jun-11-2015 Intro to Hot Water Bath Canning
Jun-12-2015 Jun-13-2015 Grade 6/7 Dance
Jun-13-2015 Jun-13-2015 All-Season Vegetable Gardening
Jun-20-2015 Jun-20-2015 Broken Beauties
Jun-25-2015 Jul-25-2015 Picnic in the Park
Jun-27-2015 Jul-28-2015 Backyard Composting
Jul-04-2015 Jul-04-2015 Container Gardening for Kids
Jul-16-2015 Jul-16-2015 Creating a Pollinators’ Paradise
Aug-19-2015 Aug-20-2015 Intro to Pressure Canning
Aug-20-2015 Aug-20-2015 Blackberry Bake-off & Open House
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