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Jun 15 2017

Summer Home Improvement Permit FAQ's

Posted 11 days ago

Are you planning a home improvement project this summer?

As the weather warms up, many Township residents begin planning summer home improvement projects such as deck and shed renovations, home additions, and swimming pools and hot tubs. We encourage residents to check with Permit and Licence inspection staff before beginning a project to see if a building permit is required. Staff are available to help through the building permit process.

Is a Building Permit required for a:

Storage shed
If the proposed building is under 100 ft² (9.3 m²) and used for storage purposes only, a building permit is not required. However, siting requirements, building height and lot coverage based on zoning will still apply. Roof overhangs and foundations cannot project onto a neighbouring property.

Swimming pool or hot tub
A building permit is required for any swimming pool or hot tub with a water surface area exceeding 150 ft² (14 m²) and a depth of more than 18” (450 mm). For information on pool fencing regulations please refer to the Township of Langley Building Bylaw.

Construction of a deck is subject to the Township of Langley Zoning Bylaw and the BC Building Code. In most cases, a building permit will be required when constructing a deck addition on a house. Uncovered decks under 2 ft (0.6 m) above grade do not require a permit.

A building permit is not required to construct a fence unless the fence is to be built on top of a retaining wall over 4 ft (1.2 m), in which case a permit must be required for the retaining wall. A fence is to be located on your own property. If two neighbours decide to share a fence, the Township of Langley has no jurisdiction in disputes that may arise. For additional fencing regulations please refer to Section 111.6 and 111.7 of the Township of Langley Zoning Bylaw.

Official Township of Langley Building and Zoning Bylaws can be found online at

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