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    Jun 20 2012

    Evacuation Alerts Issued

    Posted 2 years 122 days ago

    In anticipation of possible Fraser River flooding, the Township issued Evacuation Alerts to 147 residents and businesses along the Fraser River in the following areas only
    • Brae Island and McMillan Island
    • Glen Valley:  unprotected flood plain area
    • Northwest Langley:  unprotected flood plain area

    Evacuation Alerts are issued to prepare for imminent threat to life and property.  Residents and businesses should be redy to leave on short notice.  An Evacuation Alert is not an Evacuation Order.

    How can you help?
    The Fraser River is running very high, very fast, and very unsafe.  The public can help by:

    • staying away from the river
    • not crossing barricades along trails and roadways that are flooded but not visible
    • not approaching emergency and municipal personnel for information so they can do their work

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