Film Production

    Mayor and Council support the film industry in our community and recognize the economic and social benefits.

    The Township of Langley expects all production companies and their cast and crews to abide by the Creative BC Film Industry Code of Conduct for Cast and Crew, which outlines community expectations when filming in British Columbia.

    There may be some disruption to routines during filming.  We thank residents, businesses, and visitors for their patience and cooperation when film productions are working in our community.

    Film / Screen-based Industry

    The Township of Langley is considered to be one of the most film-friendly municipalities in BC’s Lower Mainland. We encourage you to choose our municipality as your film destination.

    Each production wishing to film on private or public property must obtain all necessary approved municipal and agency permits in advance of filming. Contact our Film Coordinator at 604.533.6151.

    Effective May 27, 2013, the Township of Langley has an updated Filming Guideline and new Filming Policy. Whether this is your first time filming in the Township or you filmed in our community before, familiarize yourself with these. At the time of your next filming application, you must sign acknowledgement of having read and understood both documents.

    We offer simple, straightforward processes, timely turnaround, reasonable fees, and client location confidentiality.

    Getting Started | Simply Follow These Steps

      1. Familiarize yourself with the Township’s Filming Guideline and Filming Policy
      2. Submit a completed Film Application package
      3. Contact our Film Coordinator
      4. Submit a completed Film Permit Highways Use Permit

    Business Licence Application
    Film Application
    Film Permit
    Filming Guideline
    Filming Fees
    Filming Policy
    Protected Heritage Conservation Areas
    Sample Neighbourhood Notification Letter
    Sample Polling Summary
    BritishColumbia Motion Picture Tax Credits

    Contributing to our Community Partners in Film Reserve

    Effective May 27, 2013, interested productions can now make donations/contributions to a newly-created Township reserve to fund future, small-scale improvements across our community, such as playground equipment, park benches, and picnic tables, made possible by the film industry. For more information, contact our Film Coordinator at 604.533.6151.

    Residents and Businesses

    Learn more about what to expect when filming takes place in your neighbourhood or area by reading our new Resident’s Guide to Filming and Business Guide to Filming.

    Film productions filming on private property, including resident homes or businesses, must now first apply to the Township of Langley to film.

    Film productions are also responsible to directly negotiate terms and costs associated to use any private property with the owner/occupant. The Township remains external to these private negotiations.


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