A permit must be obtained from the Fire Department to sell, give or trade, possess, and/or discharge fireworks.

Selling, Possessing, Transporting Fireworks Application

To sell, possess, or transport fireworks in the Township, complete an Application for Fireworks Sales (see Schedule 1 of the Fire Prevention Bylaw) and attach the following:
  • proof of a valid Fireworks Supervisor's Certificate issued by Natural Resources Canada
  • a valid Township of Langley business licence
  • a permit fee of $1,500 (for fireworks sales)

A permit will not be issued to an applicant who previously held a fireworks sales permit that was cancelled or rescinded during the past two years prior to the new application date.

Discharging Fireworks Application

Complete an Application for Public Fireworks Event (see Schedule 2 of the Fire Prevention Bylaw) no less than 10 days prior to the event and attach the following:
  • proof of a valid Fireworks Supervisor’s Certificate issued by Natural Resources Canada
  • a site plan with measurements for spectator area and fireworks shooting area (fireworks cannot be discharged within 50 metres, or 150 feet, of anything flammable)
  • identified event safety measures
  • a letter of approval from the property owner for property use (see Schedule 5 of bylaw)
  • Certificate of Insurance for no less than $5,000,000 general liability naming the Township of Langley as an additional insured with a deductible of $5,000 per event or greater if so deemed by the Fire Department (see Schedule 4 of bylaw)
  • Agreement of Organizer or Sponsor of Public Fireworks Events form (see Schedule 6 of bylaw)
  • a permit fee of $100

The applicant must accept full responsibility to supervise as necessary and host this event in compliance with all applicable rules, regulations, and product instructions to a safe and harmless conclusion to all participants, spectators, and adjacent properties.

Failure to comply with bylaw requirements will result in municipal ticketing.

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