Building and Development

Building Permits and Inspections

Building permit applications are accepted between 8:30am to 3:30pm Monday to Friday.

For information regarding building regulations, call 604.533.6018.

To ensure all proposed buildings are designed and constructed in accordance with accepted standards and codes, the appropriate permits must be issued and inspections must occur:

Building Inspection Request

Building inspection requests must be submitted by 3:30pm on the business day prior to the day of inspection. There are two methods available to request a building inspection:

Green Building Permit Rebate Program

The Township offers financial incentives through building permit rebates for construction of new energy efficient residential dwellings that voluntarily excel under the EnerGuide rating system.

Click here to learn more.

Secondary Suites

Secondary suites offer many benefits to the community by providing different and more affordable housing options to residents.  All existing and new secondary suites must conform to municipal bylaws and provincial standards for public health and safety.

As of March 2013, all secondary suites, existing or newly constructed, are required to have a Secondary Suite Licence.  A Building Permit is required to ensure the secondary suite has been inspected and can be licenced accordingly.


The Township of Langley supports and encourages planned, sustainable development.  To ensure conformity with community plans, regulatory bylaws, and associated municipal policies, we provide the following information related to land planning and development:

Municipal Utilities (including water and sewer connections)

The Township of Langley provides a wide variety of services related to driveways, municipal utilities, and construction activities occurring on or near roads. Click here for more information.

More Information

For building and development statistics, click here to access our Document Library.

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