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View Map 10-28-003123805 36A AvenueAug-02-2016MISYK MYRON A604.880.6488The Applicant proposes to create two (2) strata lots pursuant to Section 242 of the Strata Property Act. Two (2) single family dwellings exist on the property. Existing zoning is Rural Zone (RU-3).
View Map 07-36-014021067 and 21073 45A CrescentJul-20-2016HORN DEANNA604.999.0667The Applicant proposes to create a three (3) lot residential subdivision. Existing zoning is Residential Zone (R-1D), minimum lot size 650m2.
View Map 07-36-014021067 and 21073 45A CrescentJul-20-2016HORN DEANNA604.999.0667The Applicant proposes to create a three (3) lot residential subdivision. Existing zoning is Residential Zone (R-1D), minimum lot size 650m2.
View Map 08-26-017920400 Block of 80 AvenueJul-12-2016POLYGON ASHBURY & OAK HOMES LTD604.871.4268The Applicant proposes to construct 98 townhomes. Existing zoning is Comprehensive Development Zone (CD-77).
View Map 10-31-016521982 44A Avenue and 22000 Block of 44A AvenueJul-11-2016PACIFIC LAND RESOURCE GROUP INC604.501.1624The Applicant proposes to rezone property from Suburban Residential Zone (SR-1) to Residential Zone (R-1E) for the development of an eight (8) lot single family residential subdivision. A subdivision application has also been submitted.
View Map 11-10-008224381 56 AvenueJun-27-2016SANDERSON PLANNING LTD604.801.6780The Applicant proposes to create a six (6) lot rural residential subdivision in accordance with Section 21(2) of the ALC Act. Existing zoning isSurburban Residential Zone (SR-1), minimum lot size 3716 m2.
View Map 11-33-01209148, 9150 & 9166 Glover Rd, 23272 Mary St and 9121, 9123 & 9135 Church StJun-27-2016STATEWOOD PROPERTIES LTD604.725.3810The Applicant proposes redevelopment of the site for a mixed use building containing a 27 room hotel, 2 live-work units, 1,622 m2 (17,456 ft2) of commercial space and 34 residential units. The site is zoned Community Commercial Zone C-2 and located in the Fort Langley Heritage Conservation Area.
View Map 09-02-009620146 100A AvenueJun-17-2016AUSTEVILLE PROPERTIES LTD604.216.5500The Applicant proposes to rezone property from Heavy Industrial Zone (M-3) to a yet to be determined Comprehensive Development Zone to allow the development of a Production Studio as well as retain all M-3 uses.
View Map 11-31-0047127 8888 216 StreetJun-17-2016  The Applicant proposes to vary the rear lot line setback of property to allow an extension to the house.
View Map 07-23-00662426 200 StreetJun-14-2016  The Applicant proposes to construct a gas station, convenience store, and restaurant with drive-thru. Existing zoning is Service Station Zone (C-6).


RZ – Rezoning Application
RO – Rezoning / Community Plan Amendment Application
OP – Community / Neighbourhood Plan Amendment Application
DVP – Development Variance Permit Application
DP – Development Permit Application
AL – Agricultural Land Reserve Application
SA – Subdivision Application
LP – Liquor Primary Application
Decision Letter – Letter that specifies any conditions that must be met prior to final approval


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Can I view project updates?
Yes, when the arrow is coloured more information is available regarding a project. Click to access more information.

Can I be alerted when a new application is applied for?
Yes, by subscribing to the RSS feed you can receive alerts when new projects are applied for and when updates to a project occur.

How comprehensive is the information?
Development applications from January 1, 2011 forward are listed.

How often is the information updated?
Upon receipt of a new application or application status update.

How long do projects stay on the list?
Projects will be removed from the listing 30 days after they have been completed.

How are the projects listed / sorted?
Projects by application date with newest applications listed first.

Can I change how the projects are listed / sorted?
Yes, the list can be sorted by column, by clicking the column label at the top of the list.

Where can I get more information regarding the Development Process?
The Township provides many comprehensive brochures on our website.

How do I know what projects are on a future Public Hearing Agenda?
Public Hearing Agendas are available by clicking here.

Where can I get more information about zoning?
The Township’s zoning bylaw is available on our website.

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