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Winter Curbside Collection

When winter conditions such as snow and icy roads affect curbside collection services, we ask residents to ensure their carts and recycling containers are still visible, and leave garbage, organics, and recycling out for the day. The contractor will do their best to pick up material before the end of the day.

Icy roads particularly affect recycling pick up in the Township’s rural areas. If your recycling was not picked up this week, bring it back in and put it out the following week on your collection day. Properties in areas where recycling was not picked up can put out any extra material in clear plastic bags, sorted by material type, for collection the following week.

There are a few easy ways you can find out if you should bring materials back in at the end of the day and put it out for the following week:

  1. Visit and sign up for a weekly collection reminder and be notified by email or phone
  2. View an updated list of collection delays at
  3. Call 604.530.3939 for updates

Due to the dropping temperatures, organic waste may freeze inside carts or cans. Collection staff make every effort to collect all contents, but in cases where this is not possible, we ask residents to please be patient and wait for the next collection day. To avoid materials freezing inside your cart/can:

  • Line the bottom and/or sides with newspaper or yard trimmings bags
  • Wrap food scraps in newspaper
  • Don’t overfill; tightly packed material can become stuck together. Keep contents loose.

The holidays will affect your collection days this year.

Please refer to your collection calendar regarding your bi-weekly garbage schedule, and put your items out on the adjusted days as shown below.

Monday Zone Tuesday Zone Wednesday Zone Thursday Zone
Tues. Dec 27 Wed. Dec 28 Thurs. Dec 29 Fri. Dec 30
Tues. Jan 3 Wed. Jan 4 Thurs. Jan 5 Fri. Jan 6

New Drywall Disposal Options

All drywall is now being accepted at the Langley Transfer Station. It is not mandatory for used drywall to be tested for asbestos, but it must be double-bagged as specified below. The Township encourages safe handling procedures for all demolition and renovation waste. Residential quantities only.

Complete bagging instructions and tipping fee information.

Best handling practices for used drywall.

Note: Drywall is not accepted at the Surrey Transfer Station.

New Cart Collection Program

Garbage and Green Carts for the new cart collection program have now been delivered. If your property is within our garbage collection area and you did not receive carts, call 604.532.3533 or email

Illegal Dumping Campaign

A big problem needs a bold statement! The #idiot campaign was developed to bring attention to the problem of illegal dumping. The word idiot stands for illegal dumper in our township. The campaign aims to increase awareness of proper disposal options and ways to report illegal dumping, as well as to warn offenders of penalties.

Set Out and Collection Times

Garbage carts, Green Carts, and recycling should be curbside by 7:30am or it may not be collected. It is not recommended to have garbage curbside before 8:00pm the night before. To see a collection calendar for your property, type your address below.

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