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No Changes to Township Recycling Collection 

Some municipalities are making changes to their recycling collection programs in accordance with new rules imposed by the BC Government (through Multi Materials BC). Please note that no changes are currently being made to the Township of Langley's recycling collection. The Township will continue to collect glass. If changes do occur, residents will be notified well in advance.  

For the full listing of items accepted in the Township of Langley recycling program, click here.

Set Out and Collection Times

Garbage, recycling, and Green Cans should be curbside by 7:30am or it may not be collected. It is not recommended to have garbage curbside before 8:00pm the night before. Note: For some weeks with a statutory holiday (always check the collection calendar), recycling, Green Can, and garbage collection for all zones will be one day later than normal (i.e. regular collection is on Monday, pick up will occur on Tuesday and so forth).

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