Bylaw Notice Dispute & Adjudication Process

Bylaw Notice Violation Process

Submit a completed dispute form  for each ticket you choose to dispute or complete the back of each Bylaw Violation Notice. A dispute form must be submitted to the Township of Langley Bylaw Enforcement department within 14 days from the date the Bylaw Violation Notice was issued.

Prior to submitting a dispute, please note:

  • A paid Bylaw Violation Notice cannot be disputed
  • Once you apply for an adjudication hearing, you can only cancel your application by paying your Bylaw Notice (ticket) prior to the hearing
  • The adjudicator cannot reduce the ticket amount
  • A $25 administration fee is charged in addition to your ticket if your ticket is upheld by the adjudicator
  • The decision of the adjudicator is final. The decision of the adjudicator is based on facts and personal circumstances cannot be considered.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Adjudication simplifies the dispute process and allows for minor violations to be removed from the Provincial court system; therefore, more cost effective and efficient. It is more convenient since attendance at the adjudication is not mandatory and it reduces the ticket dispute time.

An adjudication allows the local government to hear Bylaw Violation disputes locally rather than through the Provincial Court System. Under the Local Government Bylaw Notice Enforcement Act, the Provincial Attorney General appoints private adjudicators to hear from both the disputant and the Local Government and decide if the offence took place. Adjudication hearings are open to the public and are scheduled by the Local Government.

Within 14 days of receiving the Bylaw Notice, you must complete and submit a Bylaw Notice Dispute form or complete the back of the ticket.

No – once you have paid the bylaw violation notice, you cannot dispute the ticket.

A screening officer will contact you to clarify your application and discuss the adjudication process. If you decide to proceed, you will receive a package that includes the date, location of the hearing and the evidence that will be presented at the hearing.

The adjudicator will hear from both the disputant and the Local Government. The adjudicator reviews the evidence submitted by both parties and makes a decision based on the facts of the case. The adjudicator can only make a determination of whether, the offence took place or not. The adjudicator does not have the jurisdiction to cancel the bylaw contravention notice due to personal circumstances, nor can they reduce the fine amount.

If you are unable to attend the hearing on the date and time specified, please contact the Bylaw Enforcement Department at 604-532-7551 14 days prior to your hearing date. Failure to attend your hearing will result in a guilty verdict and a $25.00 administration fee is added to the fine amount.

If you do not show up for the scheduled hearing, the notice is upheld. You may submit a written submission or arrange a conference call prior to the adjudication.

No. If you cannot appear in person, you may submit a written submission or arrange for a conference call prior to the adjudication.

No – the decision of the adjudicator is final.

No – the adjudicator has no authority to change the penalty amount. The adjudicator can only determine if the offence occurred.

Unpaid Bylaw Notices are forwarded to a collection agency or to a legal firm to recover the penalty.