Help keep the Township beautiful, participate in Adopt-a-Program by choosing a street, park, trail, or creek to adopt. Commit to cleaning the litter in an area for one year and the Township will provide cleaning supplies, safety information, garbage removal, and a sign to recognize your efforts.


  • Street - Select at least one kilometre of municipal roadway, must clean both sides of street once a month
  • Park - Select a municipal park, clean up twice a month (Note: school grounds and regional parks are not part of the Adopt-a-Program)
  • Trail - Clean up twice a month
  • Creek - Clean up four times a year

The Adoption Map shows what streets, parks, trails and creeks are available for adoption. Please note, areas highlighted in blue are currently adopted. Contact the Adopt-a-Program Coordinator with your selection at 604-532-7300 or

Adoption Application Packages

One-time Cleanup

Not ready to commit? Try a one-time cleanup to see if it’s right for you. 

Clean Up Report

Please complete an online Clean Up Report after each cleanup (or at least once a month). Clean Up Reports let us know how much and what type of material is being collected, which helps to improve waste management programs in the Township. The reports also provide a means for you to request garbage pick up, report anything unusual, and let us know you are still active in the program.

Guide to Safe Litter Clean Up

Your safety is the number one priority. Learn more by reading our Guide to Safe Litter Clean Up before your first cleanup. Remember, do not pick up any hazardous, sharp, or heavy materials. Report the location of the materials for pick up through the online Clean Up Report.

Mowing and Brushwacking Map

A map was created to help Adopt-a-Program volunteers see when boulevards and ditches along their adopted streets are scheduled for mowing or brushwacking. This can help volunteers plan their cleanups before mowing or brushwacking occurs to avoid litter being cut into smaller pieces. Active mowing areas are usually completed within 3-5 business days while active brushwacking areas are usually completed within 20-30 days.

Thank You

Thank you to everyone who has been/are a part of the Adopt-a-Program. Your efforts in keeping our streets, parks, trails, and creeks clean makes a big difference in our community!