Recycling Ambassador Program

Recycling Ambassador Program
Are you an advocate for recycling and live in a multi-family complex? Are you interested in helping your neighbours gain a better understanding of recycling and waste reduction? The Recycling Ambassador Program may be for you. Recycling Ambassadors are resident volunteers who wish to help improve recycling knowledge and increase waste reduction in their building/complex. Sign up to volunteer today!

About the Program

The Recycling Ambassador Program was created to encourage education and outreach within multi-family residential buildings/complexes.

How The Program Works

Volunteers are provided with a training workshop, educational materials, posters, and promotional items, along with assistance and support throughout the program.

Recycling Ambassador campaigns will differ between buildings and volunteers. Involvement can be as simple as hanging posters and answering resident questions; or it can involve larger campaigns such as used-clothing swaps, or electronic waste collection.

Benefits to your complex can include decreasing the total volume of garbage and reducing collections costs.

Volunteer Information

How to Become an Ambassador

  1. Complete the volunteer application form.

  2. Upon application approval, attend a training session.

  3. Help your neighbours and the environment by using any of the ideas mentioned above.


  1. You must be a Township resident.

  2. You must be at least 16 years of age.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, there is no cost to you or the building to have the program. The training is free, and the outreach materials are provided.

Yes, we ask that you get consent as you may require their assistance.

It is great to have more than one ambassador for the building. You can work together or divide tasks between yourselves. We will inform you if another ambassador exists for your building.

Yes, though the training is flexible. If possible, training sessions are held in a group workshop setting for a chance to meet the Program Coordinator, and discuss common issues with other ambassadors. Training can also be delivered at your building/complex, or another location for your convenience.

We recommend making time to complete some key tasks every month, and to hold a few events a year to help engage residents. An estimated average is one to three hours per month.