Recycling Ambassador Program

“Attention citizens! Do you live in a multi-family building or complex? Are you passionate about reducing waste and improving recycling? I want you to join my team!”

Recycling Ambassadors are superhero volunteers who help their neighbours gain a better understanding of recycling in the region and general waste reduction. Ambassadors engage fellow residents through education and recycling initiatives in their complex to help reduce what is headed to the landfill.

About the Program

The Township of Langley created the program to encourage recycling education and participation in multi-family residential buildings or complexes. The program takes a neighbour-helping-neighbour approach and supports residents in engaging others in their building when it comes to waste diversion and reduction.

What’s Involved?

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After signing up, Recycling Ambassadors take part in a training workshop that explains what happens with the region’s waste and what they can do to reduce their building’s waste and environmental footprint. Volunteers are equipped with materials, posters, and promotional items to help residents in their complex to reduce, reuse, and recycle. Along the way, Township staff provide assistance and support to Ambassadors as needed.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach for volunteering in the program, as involvement will differ between individuals and complexes. Involvement can be as simple as putting up posters in the waste room and answering questions, or it can be larger scale such as organizing a garage sale, collecting batteries for recycling, or even introducing a bin for bottles and cans to raise money for your strata. The extent of involvement is entirely up to you!

Why get involved?

Beyond reducing your building’s carbon footprint through education and outreach, Recycling Ambassadors can also help save their strata money on waste collection.

As of 2017, recyclables and organics still make up more than 50% of what ends up in an average multi-family building’s garbage. Unlimited amounts of recyclables are free to dispose of through municipal recycling programs, and organic composting programs are typically much cheaper than private garbage disposal. If you’re able to divert these items from the garbage successfully, you may be able to reduce your building’s garbage pick up frequency or size, potentially saving your complex hundreds of dollars each month.

Recycling Ambassadors are also directly notified of changes to municipal collection programs and can take part in new waste diversion or regional education campaigns.

Who can get involved?

Any Township of Langley resident 16 years of age or older living in a multi-family building or complex can apply to be a Recycling Ambassador. This includes buildings currently receiving private recycling collection.

How do I get involved?

  1. Complete the volunteer application form.
  2. Once your application is approved, attend a training session. The timing and location of Recycling Ambassador training is flexible depending on volunteer and municipal staff availability.
  3. Help your neighbours reduce, reuse, and recycle.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, there is no cost to become an Ambassador for your building. Training, posters, and other promotional items are provided by the Township. The only cost is volunteering your time.
As a Recycling Ambassador, your involvement may require your strata or building manager’s assistance. It’s best to check in with your strata/building manager before signing up.
Yes - the more the merrier! Improving recycling and reducing waste is an ongoing effort. While recycling programs became mainstream more than 20 years ago, people still put paper and other recyclables in the garbage. Multiple ambassadors may be able to work together to take on slightly larger recycling projects.
Yes, training is mandatory, though the style and presentation of training does vary. The purpose of the training session is to meet the program coordinator, cover common issues you may encounter, and provide ideas or inspiration for projects. Training can be held at a Township facility, an amenity room in your building/complex, or another public location for your convenience.
It’s up to you! At a minimum, we recommend making yourself available to answer resident questions and updating posters at least once every couple of months. Larger projects such as garage sales, upcycling craft events, or introducing the collection of new items can take longer.


For more information on the Recycling Ambassador program, contact