Demolition and Removal

A demolition permit is required to demolish, relocate, or remove a building from a property.

The Township of Langley promotes sustainability and it is important to ensure materials are dealt with in a responsible manner such as reusing, recycling, and disposing of hazardous materials properly.

Moving or Deconstructing a Home

Are you planning to remove a house? Have you considered having the home moved to another property or deconstructed to reduce the ecological impact? There are professional structural house movers in BC that can help move or relocate buildings, which saves many homes from entering the landfill and creates affordable housing opportunities for hundreds of families every year. These movers will market your home and help place it with another family, saving you the responsibility of finding a new property on which to relocate the existing structure. Home relocation saves more than 21,000 tonnes of demolition materials from entering our local landfills every year.

Deconstructing a home can help to keep materials out of the landfill. There are many options that exist today for reusing and recycling used building materials. Salvaged materials such as reclaimed lumber can be reused for wood plank flooring, wall cladding, or to make wood furniture. There are online and retail resources that offer many salvaged building materials from flooring to fixtures. Did you know during a typical home deconstruction up to 25% of materials can be reused and up to 70% of materials can be recycled?

Metro Vancouver Construction and Demolition Waste Reduction and Recycling Toolkit provides cost and waste reduction comparisons for demolition alternatives, as well as where different construction and demolition materials can be taken for reuse or recycling.

Applying for a Demolition or Removal Permit

A complete demolition/removal application must be submitted, and the permit issued prior to any the removal of any buildings on a property. Refer to the demolition Permit Application, Forms, and Guides for a list of required documents, forms and plans.

Building of known heritage interest require further review before a demolition or removal permit can be issued

Resources for Disposing of Materials

Find Local Recycling Contractors and Facilities