New Retrofit Experience


Retrofitting our homes to eventually produce zero emissions will be critical to meeting Township of Langley Climate Action Strategy targets of 45% below 2010 emissions by 2030 and zero emissions by 2050.

Climate Action Strategy - Buildings as a Priority Area

Did you know about 30% of the Township’s greenhouse gas emissions come from buildings and half of those come from residential homes?


The New Retrofit Experience will help residents reduce their greenhouse gas emissions.

The New Retrofit Experience is a pilot project that will help residents complete deep energy retrofits of their homes. The pilot is initially focused on the Township of Langley, City of Vancouver and the Kootenay region, with potential to grow far beyond our communities if it’s successful.

Pilot Phases

Phase 1

This phase included best practice research, identifying stakeholders and opportunities, industry engagement, mapping out the retrofit process, and concluded with an industry insights report.

Pilot - Phase 1

Phase 2

The Township is currently developing an existing building database and creating optimized home retrofit packages to be offered through the program.

Pilot - Phase 2

Phase 3

Expected in Fall or Winter 2022. This will include development of a pilot program involving New Retrofit Experience Packages for 45 homes across the three participating communities and regions, including 15 in the Township of Langley. Pilot project homes will be provided with retrofit support through a retrofit coach and various financial incentives, with net costs of all upgrades being paid by the homeowners.

Pilot - Phase 3

New Retrofit ExperienceThe New Retrofit Experience Program is being funded by the federal government through the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM), part of a larger $1.76 million investment in the FCM’s Green Municipal Fund.

How to Get Involved

For the New Retrofit Experience pilot project, Township staff will be contacting potential participants directly using the existing building database created in Phase 2, above. The Township will not be considering individual requests to participate in this pilot initiative.

If the pilot is successful, more Township residents may be able to participate in this program in the future. Pilot project updates will be posted on this webpage, so please check back periodically.

Contact Us

Please send your questions about the New Retrofit Experience program to

Please note, there will not be an open call for participation in this pilot.