Community Amenity Contributions

On July 23, 2018, Township of Langley Council adopted the Community Amenity Contributions (CACs) Policy. The CAC Policy was amended by Council on April 15, and November 18, 2019.

CACs are a voluntary financial contribution by a residential rezoning applicant to a municipality at the time of rezoning of a property. The financial contribution is to assist the Township in building and expanding amenities such as greenways, satellite RCMP Detachments, a conference and entertainment centre, recreation centres, and affordable housing. CACs are intended to offset the cost of providing community amenities associated with new residential development.

For full details of the CAC program, see the Community Amenity Contributions Policy.

For more information including background and analysis, and the list of amenities supported by the CAC program, see the July 23, 2018 Report to Council  and February 25, 2019 Report to Council , and the November 18, 2019 Report to Council.

Who pays CACs?

The CAC Policy applies to all new residential development that requires Council’s approval of a rezoning application.

Key Features of the Policy include:

  • Beginning January 1, 2020, phased increases to CAC target contribution amounts at 3-month intervals
  • An Aldergrove Core Area Amenity Fund
  • An exemption for the Aldergrove Core Area until July 31, 2024
  • An exemption for applications with third reading (see s.5.4(f) for details)

How does the CAC policy apply to my rezoning application?

Residential rezoning applications are subject to the CAC Policy and target contribution amounts as shown in Table 1 of the Policy. Beginning January 1, 2020, increases in the CAC target contribution amounts are being phased in at 3-month intervals as outlines in the table below.

Residential Rezoning Applications Received after July 23, 2018 with Third Reading received before April 15, 2019

If your residential rezoning application was received by the Township prior to the CAC Policy adoption date of July 23, 2018, and you have received Third Reading on or before April 15, 2019, you are eligible for an exemption (see s.5.4(f) of the Policy for details). These applications are eligible for a 50% reduction in CACs until March 31, 2020, and a 25% reduction from April , to June 30, 2020. On July 1, 2020 the target contribution amounts as per Table 3 will apply.

When are CACs collected?

Payment of CACs will be collected prior to Fourth and Final Reading of the rezoning bylaw pursuant to a Phased Development Agreement.  Alternatively, payment of CACs can also be made at the Development Permit or Building Permit stage, provided an irrevocable letter of credit is submitted to the Township.

How much revenue might the Township receive from CACs?

The Township estimates that $30 million could be generated over the next 5 years, based on 2012 to 2016 building permit estimates, subject to housing market conditions.

Will the CAC program be updated?

The CAC program will be reviewed periodically to assess and revise rates, amenities, and costs as required.  The CAC target contribution amounts will not be reviewed prior to December 2022.


Timing and Phasing of CAC Target Contribution Amounts

Community Amenity Contributions per Dwelling Unit
Single Family* Townhouse/ Rowhouse/ Duplex¹ Low Rise Apartment² Mid-High Rise Apartment³ Required Amenity Contribution4
Prior to January 01, 2020 $5,673 $4,814 $3,782 $2,923 See section 5.1
Jan.1 to Mar. 31, 2020 $5,673 $4,814 $3,782 $2,923 See section 5.1
April 01 to June 30, 2020 $5,957 $5,055 $3,971 $3,069 See section 5.1
July 01 to Sept. 30, 2020 $6,241 $5,295 $4,161 $3,215 See section 5.1
Oct. 01 to Dec. 31, 2020 $6,524 $5,536 $4,350 $3,361 See section 5.1
After January 1, 2021 $6,808 $5,776 $4,539 $3,507 See section 5.1

*New Single Family – per lot
¹Townhouse / Rowhouse / Duplex or other ground-oriented dwelling unit
²Low Rise Apartment (6 storeys or less)
³Mid-High Rise Apartment (7 storeys or more)
4Section 5.1 of Council Policy No. 07-166