Community Amenity Contributions

The Township’s Community Amenity Contributions (CAC) program applies to all new residential development that requires Council’s approval of a rezoning application.

CACs are a voluntary financial contribution by a residential rezoning applicant to a municipality at the time of rezoning of a property. The financial contribution is to assist the Township in building and expanding amenities such as greenways, satellite RCMP Detachments, a conference and entertainment centre, recreation centres, and affordable housing. CACs are intended to offset the cost of providing community amenities associated with new residential development.

For full details of the CAC program, see the Community Amenity Contributions Policy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who pays CACs?

The CAC Policy applies to all new residential development that requires Council’s approval of a rezoning application.

How does the CAC policy apply to my rezoning application?

Residential rezoning applications are subject to the CAC Policy and target contribution amounts as shown in Table 1 of the Policy.

Residential Type Target Amenity Contribution Required Amenity (or) Allocation of the Amenity Contribution
New single family lot $6,808 per lot See section 5.1
Townhouse/rowhouse/duplex or other ground oriented dwelling unit $5,776 per unit See section 5.1
Low rise apartment (6 storeys or less) $4,359 per unit See section 5.1
Mid-high rise apartment (7 storeys or more) $3,507 See section 5.1

*New Single Family – per lot
1Townhouse / Rowhouse / Duplex or other ground-oriented dwelling unit
2Low Rise Apartment (6 storeys or less)
3Mid-High Rise Apartment (7 storeys or more)
4Section 5.1 of Council Policy No. 07-166

When are CACs collected?

Payment of CACs will be collected prior to Fourth and Final Reading of the rezoning bylaw pursuant to a Phased Development Agreement.  Alternatively, payment of CACs can also be made at the Development Permit or Building Permit stage, provided an irrevocable letter of credit is submitted to the Township.

How much revenue might the Township receive from CACs?

The Township estimates that $30 million could be generated over the next 5 years, based on building permit estimates, subject to housing market conditions.

Will the CAC program be updated?

Effective January 1, 2021, the CAC target contribution amounts may be reviewed by Council from time to time, based on changing community needs, changing priorities, and changing market conditions.