Community Amenity Contributions

On Monday July 23, 2018, Township of Langley Council endorsed the Community Amenity Contributions (CACs) Policy.

CACs are a financial contribution by an applicant at the time of rezoning of a property to assist the Township in building and expanding amenities such as Township-wide greenways, satellite RCMP Detachment, conference and entertainment centre, recreation centres, and affordable housing.  CACs are intended to offset the cost of providing community amenities associated with new residential development, thereby having a benefit to the community.

For full details of the CAC program please see the Community Amenity Contributions Policy .

For more information, background and analysis please see the July 23, 2018 Report to Council .

Who pays CACs?

The CAC Policy applies to all new residential development that requires Council’s approval of a rezoning application.

Does the CAC policy apply to my rezoning application?

Any residential rezoning application received after the CAC adoption date of July 23, 2018, is subject to the CAC policy.  Certain applications (affordable and special needs housing, rental housing, and small residential infill developments) may qualify for an exemption.

If your residential rezoning application was received by the Township prior to the CAC adoption date of July 23, 2018, you have a 12 month grace period to complete your application.  This means that the rezoning bylaw needs to receive fourth and final reading by July 22, 2019 after which the grace period ends and CACs will apply (s. 5.7, CAC policy).

When are CACs collected?

Payment of CACs will be collected prior to fourth and final reading of the rezoning application bylaw (s. 5.6a, CAC policy).  Alternatively, payment of CACs can also be made at the Development Permit or Building Permit stage provided an irrevocable letter of credit is submitted to the Township (s. 5.6b, CAC policy).

How much revenue might the Township receive from CACs?

The Township estimates that $30M could be generated over the next five years based on 2012 to 2016 data.

Will the CAC program be updated?

The CAC program will be reviewed periodically to assess and revise rates, amenities, and costs as required (s. 5.11, CAC policy).