East Langley Water Supply

Update: This project is now operational. Disinfection and leak repairs are now complete and the system has been flushed. This project has met Canadian Drinking Water Guidelines , and is supplying water to Salmon River Uplands, Gloucester Industrial Estates, and Aldergrove.

Securing a clean, sustainable water supply for East Langley
The Township of Langley is dedicated to providing clean, safe, and dependable drinking water to its residents, businesses, and schools. East Langley residents had been drawing their water from local aquifers, which are gradually being depleted. The East Langley Water Supply Project connects Aldergrove and Gloucester to Metro Vancouver’s water system, directly accessing the abundant resources of regional watersheds.

That means there is now a dependable water supply to meet the needs of the area’s growing population and allow the community to thrive for years to come, while reducing pressure on local aquifers. This will benefit the environment by allowing the aquifers to recharge and be sustained into the future, and increase base flows to local streams and watercourses.

Easing water restrictions
In order to protect the local aquifers, East Langley residents and businesses have been faced with severe watering restrictions during the hot, dry summer months. Now with the East Langley Water Supply Project complete, those severe water restrictions will be eased and the newly serviced areas will only be subject to the same watering restrictions seen in other Metro Vancouver areas. In addition, farms that meet the requirements of the Township’s Waterworks Regulations will be able to draw on this new water source.

Construction (Completed)

Construction is complete and the system is in operation. The contractor is working to correct some minor deficiencies to roads and boulevards. Some replanting still remains, and will be done in Autumn as weather permits.

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