East Langley Water Supply - Backgrounder

The Township of Langley is dedicated to providing clean, safe, and dependable drinking water to its residents and businesses. To meet current needs and projected growth, a new water supply must be found to ensure adequate supplies are available now and into the future.

Current water supply to East Langley

Township communities of Aldergrove and Gloucester are currently supplied with potable water that comes from seven groundwater wells treated through sand filtration. Historical monitoring of groundwater levels has identified a significant downward trend, indicating the current rate of groundwater extraction is unsustainable. Further, the existing wells have insufficient capacity to meet current peak summer flows, as shown by ongoing Stage Three water restrictions in the area during summer months.

Metro Vancouver Water Supply

Sustainable water supply to Aldergrove is identified as a requirement to meet an updated Aldergrove Community Plan. Studies completed in 2005 showed the best way to provide increased capacity and increased security of supply (multiple points of connection), is with the installation of a water supply from Greater Vancouver Water District (Metro Vancouver) to Aldergrove via Murrayville. This project has been identified as the top infrastructure priority for the Township.

The project will include 14 kilometres of trunk water main, and a large booster pump station. It will provide security of water supply with additional connections at Milner, Murrayville, and Gloucester, and allowances for future connections into Salmon River Uplands, including the small municipal Tall Timbers and Acadia water systems.

Community implications

By bringing in water from Metro Vancouver, the rate at which the aquifers are being depleted will be reduced. Also, this will enhance the ability of the aquifers to recharge. Farms that meet the requirements of the Township's waterworks regulations will be able to draw on this new water source.

Due to the function of this trunk supply watermain, individual properties and fire hydrants will not be able to connect directly to the pipe. Connection points will be installed at various locations along the route, allowing local water distribution networks to be connected in the future.

Environmental implications

Construction of the project will allow the Township to reduce the amount of groundwater extracted from the Aldergrove aquifer to sustainable levels. It could also reduce water extraction from the Hopington Aquifer through municipal water services, to properties in the Salmon River Uplands.