Engineering Forms, Applications, and Guides

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Forms and Applications

Backflow Assembly Test Report
All backflow assemblies need to be tested on an annual basis, as they prevent the Township’s water supply from possible contamination and play a key role in ensuring the safety and quality of the Township's water.

Public Service Signs
Apply to advertise your community recreation team on select public service boards.

Driveway Application
Apply to install a new driveway. Read the step-by-step driveway installation instruction guide.

Hydrant Use
Apply to use water from a Township fire hydrant (commonly used for construction purposes). 

Park Licence to Enter
Apply to access private property adjacent to Township parks and green spaces.

Park Permit
Organizers require a valid park permit when their use of public space will include 100 participants or more. Park permits are also required if users are participating in certain activities or bringing restricted items to a public space.

Highway Use Permit – General
Work on or in municipal roads or rights-of-way requires a Highway Use Permit. Read the step-by-step highway use instruction guide.

Highway Use Permit – Annual
Apply to have private infrastructure overhang municipal property (such as awning signs, sandwich boards, patio furniture, and blade signage)

Highway Use Permit – Patio Expansion (Temporary)
Apply to temporarily expand a service area onto municipal property, such as sidewalks, to provide space for social distancing requirements.

Highway Use Permit – Oversize/Overweight Vehicle
Apply for vehicles that exceed the allowable size and weight limits, as per Section 401 of the Township’s Highway and Traffic Bylaw. An oversize/overweight highway use permit is required to relocate mobile homes, as a condition of a building permit.

Highway Use Permit – Special Events
Special events that affect Township roadways or rights-of-way require a Highway Use Permit for Special Events. Read the step-by-step special events instruction guide.

Highway Use Permit – Unopened Road
Properties adjacent to unopened roads/road right of ways owned by the Township, can apply to use an unopened portion of road on an annual basis (for example, to access a property).

Tree Removal/Cutting
To help ensure tree health and the urban canopy, property owners are required to apply for a permit through the Tree Removal/Cutting application process if they want to cut or remove a tree from their property.

Water Shut Off
Apply to have your municipal water connection temporarily turned off (such as for minor repairs, home renovation, or demolition) and turned back on again.

Pavement Cut
Complete a Pavement Cut form, typically alongside a Highway Use Permit, when cutting into Township roads.

How Do I... Guides

Interested in requesting services or more information, but not sure where to start? Check out our How Do I guides below for step-by-step instructions on starting common Engineering requests and processes.

Boulevard Tiling / Ditch In-filling
Steps for applying to fill in the ditch in front of your property.

Driveway Widening
How to apply for widening your existing driveway.

For installing a new driveway, review these application instructions.

Highway Use Permit
Work on or in municipal roads or rights-of-way requires a Highway Use Permit. Follow these steps for an application.

Highway Use Permit for Special Events
Instructions for what to do if you’re holding a special event that affects Township roads or rights-of-way.

Instream Works and Watercourse Maintenance
Looking to conduct work on a watercourse? Learn more about roles, responsibilities, and how to move forward.

Sanitary Sewer Service Connection
Follow these steps to apply for connecting your residential property to the municipal sanitary sewer system.

Second Driveways
How to apply for a second driveway permit.

Storm Sewer Connection
If you’re interested in connecting your residential property to the municipal stormwater system, follow these steps.

Water Connection for Single Family Homes
For connecting your single-family dwelling to the municipal water system, review these instructions.

Water Connection for Commercial, Multi-Family, or Farm Properties
A guide to connecting your industrial, commercial, institutional, farm status, or multi-family property to the municipal water system.

Street Parking
A guide to common questions and concerns regarding street parking.

Traffic Signals
Frequently asked questions about how traffic signals in the Township work, and how to enquire about the installation of a new signal.

For information on the types of crosswalks in the Township and how to request the review of a potential crosswalk, view this guide.

Intersection Review
All about intersections in the Township, including roundabouts, signals, and two-way and four-way stops.

Traffic Calming
A frequently-asked-question guide on traffic calming, including requesting speed bumps, raised crosswalks, and more.

Operating a Business/Service in a Township Park or Public Space
If you’re interested in providing private instruction of boot camps, tennis, or any other health and fitness opportunity in a Township park, follow these requirements.

Beaver and Beaver Dam Management
Looking for information on beaver and beaver dam management? Learn more about roles and responsibilities in this guide.