Fort Langley Utility Undergrounding

The Fort Langley Utility Undergrounding project will see the removal of utility poles and overhead wires mainly along Glover Road in Fort Langley. New wires will be pulled underground, and new street lights will be installed. Several new above-ground utility structures will be added to the area.

The project is made possible through the Local Area Service process, which allows property owners who want to conduct a neighbourhood improvement to petition Council to enact a bylaw that directs the Township to undertake the work. The cost of providing the service is recovered through a local service tax levied against benefitting properties located within the Local Service Area, as per Policy 05-781 .

Construction Schedule

Construction began in April 2015. The majority of the civil engineering component has been completed. Completion of utility works fronting the Coulter Berry building, railway crossing, and street light installation will resume in early November 2016 and is estimated to take three months. Private service connection works from BC Hydro, Telus, and Shaw will follow and are estimated to take two months. All walkways, boulevards, and roadways affected by construction will be scheduled to undergo restoration when the utility and private service connection works have been completed.
Construction will take place along Glover Road, from Francis Avenue to the Jacob Haldi Bridge, Mavis Avenue from Queen Street to McBride Street, Mary Avenue from Queen Street to Glover Road and along the lane north of the Community Hall between Glover Road and McBride Street. Traffic in the construction zones will be reduced to single-lane alternating flow as necessary. Construction hours are scheduled from 7:00am to 5:00pm, Monday to Friday. Some private service connection works may be completed on weekends at the owner's request.

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