Trans Mountain Expansion Project


On August 28, 2019, the Canadian Energy Regulator Act came into force and the National Energy Board (NEB) became the Canadian Energy Regulator (CER).

In the Township of Langley, the Trans Mountain Expansion Project (TMEP) involves construction of approximately 20 kilometres of new pipeline, with approximately 12 kilometres following the existing pipeline corridor, and the remaining 8 kilometres deviating from the existing corridor.

On June 18, 2019, the Government of Canada directed the NEB to issue a Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity, which was required for the TMEP project to resume. The certificate was subsequently issued by the NEB on June 20 and the TMEP has since resumed.

Trans Mountain served routing notice on the Township on August 30, 2019, and a published notice was in the August 16, 2019 edition of the Langley Advance Times. This notice allowed for affected property owners to object to the detailed route, construction methods, and timing though filing a Statement of Opposition (SOO) with the CER. On September 15 and 16 the Township filed four SOO. Below are links to copies of the filed statements.

The Township expressed concerns regarding various aspects of the project, including:

  • The potential environmental and socio-economic effects;
  • The costs to taxpayers related to the installation and long term operation of the pipeline;
  • The accountability of Trans Mountain to respond adequately in case of an incident;
  • The adherence of Township bylaws and policies by Trans Mountain when constructing TMEP.


Since initial communication, the Township is satisfied that the following items have been addressed:

  • designating vulnerable aquifers and incorporating the Township’s vulnerability dataset into groundwater management plan;
  • reviewing construction methodology in respect to the Township’s highways;
  • reviewing mitigation and reclamation works necessary to protect the Township’s parks and environmentally sensitive areas;
  • ensuring the protection of the environment, including trees, wildlife and habitat;   
  • crossing fish bearing watercourses including Davidson Creek, Salmon River and Yorkson Creek; and
  • compliance with municipal policies, procedures and permitting processes.

Subsequently, the Township withdrew its opposition to the TMEP detailed route, but will continue communication with Trans Mountain as the project unfolds. For more information, read the press release.


For more information, contact the Engineering Division at 604-532-7300 or

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