Trans Mountain Expansion Project

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Update: March 23, 2017

On November 29, 2016 the Government of Canada approved the Trans Mountain Expansion Project, subject to 157 Conditions attached to the Project Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity, which was issued by the National Energy Board  (NEB) on December 1, 2016. Trans Mountain Pipeline ULC (Trans Mountain) advises that the date of completion for the expanded pipeline and associated facilities and infrastructure will be targeted for December 2019. In the Township of Langley, the Trans Mountain Expansion Project involves construction of approximately 20 km of new pipeline, with approximately 12 km following the existing pipeline corridor, and the remaining 8 km deviating from the existing corridor. Trans Mountain anticipates pipeline construction in the Township to begin in 2018, with preliminary works scheduled to begin in fall 2017.

The Township of Langley remains concerned with Kinder Morgan's Trans Mountain Pipeline Expansion Project, and has been working with Trans Mountain in an attempt to address the Township's concerns. Outstanding issues remain and include finalizing the detailed alignment of the pipeline through the Township, addressing impact of the pipeline on the Township's infrastructure, and confirming the application of the Township's bylaws to the construction and operation of the pipeline.

Detailed Route Process

Trans Mountain is in the process of detailed route approval and filed the Plan, Profile, and Book of Reference (PPBoR)  for the Township segment of the pipeline to the NEB on March 17, 2017.

With the filing of PPBoR, Trans Mountain must serve a notice on owners whose lands Trans Mountain proposes to cross. Trans Mountain must also publish a notice in a local newspaper.

If you are served with a notice, or if you are not served but anticipate that your lands may be adversely affected by the detailed route, you have an opportunity to be heard. To do so, you would have to file a written statement of opposition with the National Energy Board:

  • within 30 days of being served, or
  • for those who have not been served, within 30 days from the date of the last published notice

A statement of opposition must include a statement of interest in the detailed route and the grounds of opposition. You can find statement of opposition templates on the National Energy Board  website.

For questions or to find out more about the detailed route process, contact a National Energy Board Process Advisor at 1-800-899-1265 or

Update: 2016

In January 2016, the Township submitted final written arguments  to the NEB, as well as participated during the oral hearing sessions  in Burnaby.

The Township remains concerned about various aspects about the project, including:

  • The potential environmental and socio-economic effects;
  • The costs to taxpayers related to the installation and long term operation of the pipeline;
  • The accountability of Kinder Morgan to respond adequately in case of an incident.

Our goal is to ensure the pipeline project will be subject to its municipal bylaws and policies.

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