Soil Deposit and Removal

Several provincial and federal regulations and acts, as well as local bylaws, exist to protect watercourses, fish and wildlife species, and riparian habitat. For more information on conducting works in and around a watercourse (such as channel maintenance, culvert works, and vegetation removal), see our ‘How Do I’ Guide on Instream Works and Watercourse Maintenance for more information.

The Soil Deposit and Removal Bylaw (No. 4975) prohibits anyone from depositing or removing soil or other material, on or from lands within the Township without a permit.

Apply for a Soil Deposit Permit

The bylaw, its policy, application form, approved fill site list, and other important documents are available below. A Soil Deposit Permit may be issued when all requirements of the bylaw are met. For more information, contact the Engineering Division at 604-532-7300 or

Agricultural Land Commission (ALC)

Soil Deposit applications on property located within the Agricultural Land Reserve may require application to the Agricultural Land Commission. Visit the ALC Application Portal to understand their regulations, or to review an application status with the ALC.

Illegal Dumping

To report unauthorized deposition or removal of soil or other material, fill out a form, or call the Soil Hotline at 604-532-7349.

Fisheries & Oceans Canada (DFO)

To ensure project compliance with DFO legislation, conduct a self-assessment. To report possible violations, here's some helpful information

Ministry of Forests, Lands, Natural Resource Operations, and Rural Development

To ensure project compliance with respect to Ministry of Forests, Lands, Natural Resource Operations, and Rural Development regulations, please review the Changes In and About a Stream web page. To report a natural resource violation, please complete this form.

Prior to starting any work in or near a stream you must submit an application for an approval or notification under the provincial Water Sustainability Act. Applications should be submitted to the FrontCounterBC office located nearest to the proposed work.

Require a Qualified Professional?

Visit the Association of Consulting Engineering Companies British Columbia (ACEC-BC) website to obtain information on which engineering firm or qualified professional can help assist you with achieving the requirements for a soil deposit and/or removal application.

Require the services of an agrologist? Refer to the British Columbia Institute of Agrologist's website.

Please visit Metro Vancouver Recycles or Recycling Council of BC to find places to donate or recycle just about anything.

Pending/Active Soil Deposit Applications

Find pending/active soil deposit applications under consideration by council.