Soil Deposit Activity Information

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Click to view the map.

All non-farm use soils applications on properties located within the Agricultural Land Reserve that are submitted to Council as per Soil Deposit and Removal Policy 05-782 are listed.

Yes, when the arrow is coloured more information is available. The associated staff report to Council is also available for viewing. The Township revised its filing system for reports to Council. Some links may open the individual report, while others may open the Agenda. If an agenda opens, scroll to the Reports to Council Section and click on the link to the Folder number you are querying.

All applications posted detail the following progression as events occur with the most recent listed first:

  • COUNCIL CONSIDERATION: Council considers the proposal.
  • REFERRAL TO ALC: Council directs staff to submit their resolution to the Agricultural Land Commission (ALC).
  • ALC DECISION: The ALC considers the proposal and advises Township staff of their decision If the ALC approves the proposal, Township staff work with the applicant to meet ALC and Township conditions prior to permit issuance.
  • PERMIT ISSUANCE: Township staff issue the permit. The applicant proceeds with depositing soil as per the conditions of the permit.
  • PERMIT RENEWAL/EXTENSION: The applicant may apply to extend the permit beyond the original expiry date.
  • FILE/FOLDER CLOSED: The file is completed and removed from the activity page 30 days after completion.

NOTE: If any part of the process is not approved by the governing authority, the Task Status will reflect the decision, and the permit will not be granted.

Projects are listed by application date with newest applications listed first.

Yes, the list can be sorted by column, by clicking the column label at the top of the list.

The Township provides detailed information on our website. You can make a service request here.