Vegetation Control

Each year, the Township of Langley maintains roadside vegetation along approximately 600 kilometres (375 miles) of rural roads.

Township Maintenance Responsibilities

Seasonal Roadside Mowing

Two roadside shoulder mowers make two cutting passes per year from May to October. The first cut is made 1.5 metres (5 feet) from the road edge. The second cut is 3 metres (10 feet) from the road edge - or as far into the ditch as the mower can reach (see diagram below).

Ditch Cutting (bushwhacking)

Two boom arm flail mowers operate 12 months of the year (weather permitting), while the third operates seasonally for 6 months. Mowers operate primarily on rural roads making one cutting pass per year, with a maximum 6-metre (20 feet) cutting reach from the paved shoulder to the property line.

Right-of-Way Trees

Native trees within the road right-of-way are trimmed based on priority throughout the year. Hazard trees, intersection sightline obstructions, and trees causing traffic or pedestrian safety issues are highest priority. To request service, contact the Engineering Division at 604-532-7300.

Street Trees

Ornamental street trees are maintained by the Parks and Recreation Division. Residents are asked not to prune these trees; instead, forward any reports of damage or requests for service to 604-532-7375.

As per Township Bylaw No. 4758, homeowners are responsible for maintaining trees and shrubbery on fronting boulevards to ensure they do not interfere with or encroach onto sidewalks, roadways, and intersections.

Corner Sightline Requirements

Corner Sightline Requirements

Property owners with landscaping and shrubs within the sightline area are given the first opportunity to do the required pruning work themselves. If the work is not completed, a letter from the Transportation Department will be sent to the resident outlining the allotted time to comply. Otherwise, the work will be done by Township crews at the owner’s expense.

Boulevard Maintenance

Developers design, build, and maintain boulevards until the plants/vegetation are established. Once established, Township Bylaw No. 4758 requires property owners, excluding owners of rural use or Agricultural Land Reserve property, to maintain the road frontage/boulevard fronting their property. Ensuring shrubs, trees, or other vegetation do not encroach upon or block any sidewalk, roadway, or traffic control device provides unobstructed access and assures the safety of pedestrians and vehicles.

Property owner responsibilities for upkeep of the boulevard include:

  • Cutting the grass
  • Trimming hedges, trees, shrubs, or other landscaping
  • Keeping the boulevard free of litter, debris, or weeds

To report weeds and overgrown vegetation on public property, please complete the online request form.

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  • Remove any debris such as wood, metal, garbage, bundled wire, concrete, or large rocks from ditches fronting your property. These items can cause damage to machinery, and pose a hazard for operators.
  • Do not place yard trimmings or grass clippings into the ditch or onto the shoulder. Doing so can attract rodents and cause the potential for drainage blockages; instead, place these in your composter or Green Cart.
  • Mark property drainage pipes, old posts, or other obstacles that may be hidden by long grass.
  • When driving, allow plenty of room while approaching machinery, and only pass when safe to do so.
  • Keep children and pets at a safe distance from working machinery.
  • Do not approach operators. They cannot change their routes or carry out special requests. For information or to request service, call 604-532-7300.

Corner Sightlines

  • Keep all shrubs, trees, and other vegetation fronting municipal property, corners and intersections trimmed so they are no higher than 1 metre (as measured from the travelled surface of the road).
  • Proactive sightline inspections are done on a regular basis. If you notice a sightline issue that needs to be addressed, call the Engineering Division at 604-532-7300.

Typical Intersection

Corners clear of vegetation higher than one metre

Crews routinely clear brush and grass from intersections to ensure visibility for drivers and pedestrians. The diagram above is used as a guideline for this work. Maintenance is done with equipment designed to quickly clear areas for functionality and safety reasons, not to provide a manicured appearance.