Administration & History

There have been active fire departments in Langley since 1929. The current fire department evolved from seven local community fire departments that were established between 1929 and 1977. The halls were numbered consecutively based on the date of their establishment. The seven areas served over those years were:

  • 1929 – Hall 1 – Langley Prairie (now Langley City Fire Rescue Services)
  • 1942 – Hall 2 – Fort Langley
  • 1942 – Hall 3 – Aldergrove
  • 1944 – Hall 4 – Willoughby
  • 1953 – Hall 5 – Brookswood
  • 1959 – Hall 6 – Murrayville
  • 1977 – Hall 7 – Otter

1963 marked the beginning of our modern fire department with the merging of Fire Halls 2 to 6 into a single fire area for the Township of Langley as well as creating a mutual aid agreement with the City of Langley. In 1981 the six fire departments in the Township were amalgamated under the Department’s first Fire Chief, Gord Yerkie. Since then the Department has expanded with the addition of Fire Hall 8 in Walnut Grove and full time suppression firefighters in 2006.

Today the Department consists of seven fire halls with 81 full time suppression firefighters, 100 paid-call firefighters as well as 16 prevention, training, management and support staff. Our mission: “To serve the communities of the Township of Langley by protecting life, property and the environment”.

Paid-call Firefighter Opportunities

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