Builder Forum Series

To support the local construction industry in meeting the energy efficiency targets of the BC Energy Step Code, the Township of Langley has created the Builder Forum Series – with free-to-attend seminars where building industry leaders are brought in to teach about high-performance building strategies. Example seminar topics include: passive cooling, airtightness, ventilation, and heat pumps.

To date, the Township* has held eight Builder Forum Series, with attendance numbers ranging from 100 to over 200 participants. These events were launched in a ‘builder breakfast’ format, where attendees would receive a complementary breakfast and have a chance to network, followed by a live presentation. Due to COVID-19, sessions have been switched to a webinar format, and an increasing number of attendees have attended each session.

Most importantly, survey results indicate that builders have been very satisfied with the Builder Forum Series: over 90% of attendees indicated they are somewhat or fully satisfied, and 80% indicated improved confidence in building to the Step Code.

Climate Action Strategy

This project was identified as one of over 140 actions outlined in the Climate Action Strategy.


BL-8 – Continue education and training for building industry members on low-carbon and high performance construction

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Recordings, slides, Q&A, and other materials are available from our past Builder Forum Series can be viewed at

*Select seminars were presented in partnership with by BC Hydro and Fortis BC.