LED Streetlights

The Township of Langley is currently switching approximately 7000 municipally-owned and operated streetlights over to LED (light-emitting diode). LED streetlights:

  • Use less energy
  • Improve safety though better illuminating roads and sidewalks at night
  • Require less maintenance
  • Are more reliable
  • Are longer lasting

By switching to LED lights, the Township will reduce streetlight energy use by up to 50% per year, and will save an anticipated $380,000 annually on utility and maintenance costs once the project is complete.

Similarly, BC Hydro is converting to LED streetlights on Township hydro lines. Learn more about the BC Hydro Street light replacement project.

Climate Action Strategy

This project was identified as one of over 140 actions outlined in the Climate Action Strategy.


IN-21 - Convert all existing streetlights to LED

Start timeframe


Expected completion

Early 2022