Climate Change Adaptation

Venn DiagramThe climate around the world is changing, and the effects are being felt right here in the Township of Langley. Climate change risks such as flooding, more intense storms, summer drought and wildfire smoke are becoming increasingly common.

The Township of Langley has taken many steps to reduce our carbon emissions, including the installation of electric vehicle (EV) charging stations and our Green Building Rebate Program, but we understand that our climate is shifting, and we need to adapt.

The Township is currently developing a Climate Change Adaptation Plan to ensure we are prepared for this new climate reality. Using the latest climate science from the Pacific Climate Impacts Consortium  and Metro Vancouver’s Climate Projections Report  , the Plan will look at all Township of Langley service areas (such as roads, buildings and parks) to reduce our risks, now and in the future.

Township of Langley Climate Projections

Climate Projection

Example of Adaptation Planning

Climate Impact

Heat and drought causes tree stress and mortality




Impacts on the Township
  • Cost increase for street tree watering and/or tree replacement

  • Loss of habitat and food sources for birds, animals, and fish

  • Reduction in shading = less heat/sun protection

Example Adaption Strategy

Bylaws require planting of drought tolerant street trees




Project Timeline

Project Timeline

The Climate Change Adaptation Plan’s development will continue through 2019 and will complete in early 2020.

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