Neighbourhood Nature

As the Township of Langley works to protect and enhance our natural areas and ecosystems, we invite residents to join us in celebrating and enjoying the nature in our neighbourhood.

Neighbourhood Nature Tour

In celebration of Earth Day, the Township of Langley presents the Neighbourhood Nature Tour: a self-guided nature tour of the Township of Langley. Whether you are looking for an extensive trail system or a short stroll, bird watching or salmon spotting, or even a picturesque picnic location, this map highlights the many places to connect with nature in the Township of Langley.

Download or print the Neighbourhood Nature Tour to guide your next outdoor adventure.


Photo Submission and Wildflower Seed Giveaway

Bee kind to your polli-neighbours by submitting your photos and receiving native wildflower seeds that support local bees and other pollinator species.

Until July 31, 2022 use the form below to submit your nature photos (plants, wildlife, landscapes etc.) taken within the Township of Langley and receive a free pack of native wildflower seeds that bees love to forage on. We will be using the submitted photos to create an interactive Green Space and Ecosystem Story Map of the Township of Langley.


Green Space and Ecosystem Map

Check out the map below to learn more about our parks, sensitive ecosystems, and to see nature photos that Township of Langley residents have submitted.

Our commitment to green space and ecosystems

In January 2021, the Township of Langley adopted our Climate Action Strategy to provide a road map for reducing our emissions.

149 actions, across eight priority areas, have been set out to achieve these goals. Read these action items at:

What do actions in the Green Space and Ecosystems priority area look like? Here’s an example:

Action GE-4 has led to the development of our Community Forest Management Strategy. This strategy outlines plans for a Biodiversity Conservation Strategy. Learn more at: