Garden Smart

Healthy Yard Care Tips


Weeds (such as dandelion, creeping buttercup, English daisy, and plantain) are indicators of low fertility, compact soil, and poor drainage. The easiest solution is to pull the weeds by hand, then spread a thin layer of compost over your entire lawn. Finally, overseed with a good quality seed. These steps will allow your lawn to outcompete weeds.

Slugs and snails

These critters consume up to 40% of their weight when they invade your garden. They hide during the day under debris such as large leaves, bricks, and boards. Remove these items from your yard in order to reduce the number of slugs and snails residing on your property. Also, reducing the use of cosmetic pesticides will allow natural predators (such as ground beetles and their larvae, wild birds, and ducks) to return. Alternatively, you could place a copper flashing band (5 centimetres high) around the border of your garden. Slugs and snails will hate it!


A sharp stream of water from your garden hose will dislodge aphids. Monitor plants daily and apply a sharp stream of water when necessary. Attract beneficial insects to your yard by planting alyssum, dill, lemon balm, marigold, and allowing carrots to flower.


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