Green Building


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Your home is an appliance.

It's simple. The Township of Langley is making it easier for you to find an energy efficient home. We provide financial incentives to builders and homeowners for energy efficient new residential construction or home renovations that excel under the EnerGuide rating system.

What is EnerGuide?

EnerGuide LogoAn EnerGuide rating is the Canadian standard for measuring the energy performance of consumer items such as appliances, vehicles, and homes.

A home EnerGuide rating provides the information you need about energy performance to help you make informed decisions about building, renovating, or purchasing your home.

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Visit the second floor of our Civic Facility, where the Permit, Licence, and Inspection Services staff can walk you through the program steps to get you started.

This program is supported by:

Province of British Columbia
BC Hydro
City Green Solutions
Fortis BC
Natural Resources Canada
Real Estate Foundation of BC