Build Green

Building green starts with expert advice and support delivered by an Energy Advisor.

Whether you’re renovating or building new, an Energy Advisor will explain the ins and outs of the Township’s rebate program, bring you up to speed on other industry incentives, assist with paperwork, provide technical assistance, answer questions about products, and assist with the financial analysis of various energy efficient upgrade options.

Energy Advisors are important service providers to meet the new requirements of the BC Energy Step Code (for new construction), and can also provide energy evaluations for existing homes for renovations. Your Energy Advisor will provide you with an EnerGuide home evaluation report and EnerGuide rating, which will help you better understand the opportunities to improve your home's efficiency by examining its air leakage, insulation, space and hot water heating, and ventilation.

When you’re finished, you will be able to make more informed decisions about the best upgrade opportunities for your home, how to prioritize them and which will save you the most on energy costs. An evaluation from an Energy Advisor is the first step in smart new construction and home renovations.

We’ll help you get started.

Get Started

  1. Submit your building permit application and enrol in the Green Building Rebate Program. At the time of your permit application, complete a referral form in-person at the Township’s Civic Facility.
  2. Find a local energy advisor or service organization that provides energy evaluation services in your community through the ‘CleanBC Better Homes’ Find an Energy Advisor search tool.
  3. Check out our Green Building in the Township Flowchart for information on how the BC Energy Step Code and the Township’s GHG Development Permit Area requirements fit into your project.

    Building Start-to-finish Flowchart 
    Building Start to Finish Flowchart

Program Details

Enrol in the Green Building Rebate Program to be eligible to receive:

  • Incentives for mid-construction blower door testing. The Step Code has pass/fail airtightness targets for Part 9 buildings. Incentives are available to offset the cost of performing an additional pre-drywall blower door test once the air barrier is in place, but can still be repaired.
  • A subsidized Step Code plan review. An incentive is available to assist with the costs of energy modeling while working with an Energy Advisor on Part 9 Step Code projects.
  • Financial incentives for new homes built to the Upper Steps. Are you interested in being an energy-efficiency leader? Part 9 residential buildings that are built to Steps 4 or 5 of the Step Code qualify for additional incentives.
  • A financial rebate on your Building Permit. By successfully renovating an energy efficient home, you may be eligible for a building permit rebate from the Township, as well as other industry incentives for both renovations and new builds.

View brochures for the different branches of the Green Building Rebate Program below or read our most frequently asked questions.

Get Recognized

More buyers are looking for the EnerGuide rating. In 2014, the Township commissioned Ipsos Reid to conduct a local public opinion survey regarding energy efficient homes. The survey sample includes only those who are likely to consider buying a home in the Fraser Valley in the next 5 years. Here are some key takeaways from the survey:

  • Nine-in-ten homebuyers say energy efficiency is an important housing feature when deciding whether to purchase a particular home.
  • Eight-in-ten homebuyers are interested in seeing an EnerGuide rating on a home they are considering purchasing.
  • Overall, 77% of homebuyers say they would be more likely to purchase a home knowing it has been rated as energy efficient.
  • 62% of homebuyers indicated they would pay more for an energy efficient home.

Who's Building Green?

The Township has partnered with Metro Vancouver to promote a new voluntary energy label disclosure program. When you sign up for the Green Building Rebate Program, you’ll also have the opportunity to sign up for Metro Vancouver’s .

  • Get free profiles of the homes you’ve constructed
  • Gain exposure and increased recognition
  • Demonstrate energy efficient home market leadership

Check out Metro Vancouver’s  to find who’s building green in Langley and get connected with local builders. The program profiles energy efficient homes and the name of the builder on a searchable Home Energy Map . If your home already has a v.15 EnerGuide rating, share it on the map .

Additional Resources

In addition to recognizing new homes that achieve high performance under the EnerGuide rating system, the Township’s program also recognizes new homes built to the Upper Steps of the Step Code using the other energy modeling methodologies in the Step Code such as the Passive House certification.

Passive House

Passive House  (Passivhaus) is the only internationally recognized, performance-based energy standard in construction. Passive House buildings consume up to 90% less heating and cooling energy than conventional buildings and the standard is applicable to almost any building type or design. Certification ensures that designers and consultants are expertly qualified to design buildings to meet the standard. Learn more about the certification process .