Sell Green

Green homes can save on utility bills and increase resale value.

They are also healthier and more comfortable for families, with less draft, cleaner air, and better temperature management. In a real estate market where consumer choice is vast, energy efficient homes reach out and appeal to a wider marketplace demographic of consumers that value the benefits of a comfortable home with a reduced and more responsible level of energy consumption.

Homes built or renovated to be energy efficient through successful completion of the Township’s program are readily visible throughout the community to consumers, and establish instant recognition and credibility as being energy efficient. A label affixed to the dwelling makes these homes instantly recognizable and stand out as more marketable for sale.

Stand Out

More buyers are looking for the EnerGuide rating. In 2014, the Township commissioned Ipsos Reid to conduct a local public opinion survey regarding energy efficient homes. The survey sample includes only those who are likely to consider buying a home in the Fraser Valley in the next 5 years. Here are some key takeaways from the survey:

  • Nine-in-ten homebuyers say energy efficiency is an important housing feature when deciding whether to purchase a particular home.
  • Eight-in-ten homebuyers are interested in seeing an EnerGuide rating on a home they are considering purchasing.
  • Overall, 77% of homebuyers say they would be more likely to purchase a home knowing it has been rated as energy efficient.
  • 62% of homebuyers indicated they would pay more for an energy efficient home.

The Township has partnered with Metro Vancouver to promote a new voluntary energy label disclosure program.  is all about increasing the visibility of energy efficient homes. If your client has a home energy label through the Green Building Rebate Program, RateOurHome can feature the property on a searchable Home Energy Map and provide a link to the property listing.

Additional Resources

Real Estate Energy Efficiency Program 

The Real Estate Energy Efficiency Program  (REEP) is a REALTOR®-led program with tools and training designed to bridge a gap between formal home energy-efficiency programs such as Natural Resource Canada’s EnerGuide Rating System while increasing understanding for homeowners. Access more information and stay up to date on local REEP training opportunities by signing up for the REEP E-newsletter.