Community Energy

The Township of Langley believes it is important to create energy efficient neighbourhoods that are resilient when faced with uncertain energy costs and supply. The Official Community Plan (OCP) and Sustainability Charter each prioritize energy efficiency. In addition, the Township is a signatory to the Climate Action Charter  (PDF), and is thereby dedicated to creating complete, compact, and more energy efficient rural and urban communities. By 2021, our goal is to reduce community greenhouse gas emissions by 10% per capita below 2007 levels.

The 2010 Community Energy and Emissions Inventory (CEEI) report  provided by the Government of British Columbia showed that our efforts are already paying off. Between 2007 and 2010, community greenhouse gas (gHg) emissions from the Township decreased by 34,709 tonnes, or .33 tonnes per resident. 

Green Building StickerGreen Building Rebate Program

The Green Building Rebate Program, one of the first of its kind in Metro Vancouver, offers building permit rebates to builders and homeowners for energy efficient new residential construction or home renovations.

Program participants are also eligible to receive a subsidized EnerGuide plan or pre-retrofit evaluation by an Energy Advisor. For more information, contact the Township’s Community Development Division at 604.533.6018 or

Metro Vancouver Strata Energy Advisor Program

The Strata Energy Advisor Program  is a free Metro Vancouver pilot project designed to help stratas make informed decisions to help improve energy efficiency and reduce energy consumption.

Together with an energy advisor, stratas will walk through their building to identify potential areas for significant improvement or tune-ups that will help lower energy bills. At the end of the program, the strata receives a detailed energy assessment of their building allowing them to make smarter choices, save money over time, and improve their building’s overall energy efficiency.

To learn more about this free opportunity, or register your strata for an assessment, visit the Strata Energy Advisor website .

Empower Me Program

Empower Me  is an award winning, one-on-one program delivered in-home in a variety of languages. The program aims to help make homes safer and more comfortable while reducing energy bills.

Participation in Empower Me is open and completely free for any Township resident or family, but is best suited to new Township residents, especially new immigrant and ethnically diverse community members.

Participants receive:

  • An in-home consultation with an Energy Mentor (available in nine languages)
  • A custom energy saving plan for their home
  • An energy savings kit
  • A coupon for a free composter
  • Follow-up support visits

Homeowners in the Township of Langley can request a free in-home visit from Empower Me by calling 604-598-8428 or by sending an email to