Property Taxes

The value of a property for taxation purposes is determined by BC Assessment, an organization that is independent from the municipality. Provincial and local governments use property assessments to determine what tax rates may be required to ensure the revenue needed to pay for public services. View this information from BC Assessment designed to provide an explanation, or visit BC Assessment on YouTube for additional videos.

Property Tax Due – July 4, 2022

Find out about your property tax and homeowner grant information below.

Property Tax Statement

Property Tax Statements are mailed to residents by the end of May annually. If you do not receive the property tax statement by mid-June, contact the Revenue and Tax Collection Department at 604-533-6005, or email us at

Property owners are responsible for payment of property taxes whether or not a Property Tax Statement is received.

Property tax rates, along with the property classification and assessed value of your property, are used to determine the amount of your property taxes. Property taxes cannot be appealed

Visit tax payment methods for more information.

To view last year's property tax levy information online, please create a MyTownship account.

Late Payment Penalty

A Penalty of 5% will be applied to the current year taxes if not paid by July 4, 2022. A penalty of 5% will also be applied to the home owner grant if not claimed by July 4, 2022.

An additional penalty of 5% will be applied to current year taxes and the unclaimed home owner grant after September 1, 2022.

eBilling Now Available

As the Township works to deliver excellent customer service to our residents and businesses, MyTownship and eBilling for property taxes is now available. You can easily view your property tax account through this secure online service.

  • Create an online MyTownship account
  • On the MyTownship Dashboard click Property Taxes
  • Click Link Account
  • Click Link a Property Tax Account
  • Enter your folio/roll number and access code from your property tax statement
  • Choose to receive your property tax statement electronically
  • Click the My Accounts button
  • Click the box with your address to access your account

Home Owner Grant

The Province of BC centralized the Home Owner Grant process and the municipalities in BC are no longer responsible for administering the Home Owner Grant. The annual Home Owner Grant can be claimed using the Province of BC website.

Retroactive Home Owner Grants will also be need to be claimed through the Province of BC website.

Provincial Deferral Program

Consider the Province’s property tax deferral program for eligible residential homeowners.

Property Tax Information Brochure

Download the 2022 Property Tax Information Brochure.


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Important Dates


  • BC Assessment notices mailed out
  • If you disagree with your assessed value, register your appeal with BC Assessment by January 31. Visit BC Assessment to learn more about the appeal process


  • Property tax notices are mailed to property owners at the end of May
  • Tax Deferment statement of account and renewal notices mailed by Province
  • Tax Deferment Applications  – to be completed online
  • Home Owner Grant – to be claimed online

July 4

Tax Due Date

Last day for tax payments and Home Owner Grant application to avoid a penalty.

July 5

  • 5% penalty applied to all properties with outstanding balances

September 1

  • Last day for tax payments and Home Owner Grant application to avoid an additional penalty

September 2

  • Additional 5% penalty applied to all properties with outstanding balances