2022 Budget Information

Where do the collected funds go?

General Municipal Tax Increase

For the budget year 2022, a base level increase of 2.45% is required to offset general inflation and to maintain existing service levels. In addition to the base increase, Council has continued in their commitment to protective services, infrastructure, and enhanced service delivery. Contributions to protective services with the addition of six firefighters starting July 1, resulted in a rate increase of 0.19%. Additional contributions to infrastructure budgets for renewal and replacement of assets resulted in a rate increase of 0.17%. Finally, enhancements to programs and other positions resulted in a 0.19% increase to support cybersecurity, internal controls, freedom of information, corporate energy management, and safety initiatives within the Township.

2022 Major Operational Cost Drivers

  • RCMP contract and integrated teams policing costs
  • Regional District charges (water, sewer, and garbage)
  • Capital infrastructure renewal and replacement costs
  • Inflation and supply chain pressures

2022 Major Capital Investments

  • Road Widening 80 Ave; 2100 Block to 202A Street
  • Replacement of two fire trucks
  • Watermain design and construction, Brawn Pump Station to Murrayville Reservoir
  • Yorkson Community Park Development

2022 Budget Allocations

Property Tax & Utility Revenue

(including collections for other authorities)

$350 million

Property Tax & Utility Revenue

Municipal General Tax Portion

$100 million

This graph identifies how the 29% General Tax Portion (from the graph above) is distributed amongst the various Township divisions.

Municipal General Tax Portion