Payment Methods

Property Tax Due – July 2, 2020

Property tax payments can be made using several methods, as outlined below. For your safety and convenience, we highly recommend the online payment method. If you have questions, call the Revenue and Tax Collection Department at 604-533-6005, or email


  • Log into your financial institution online banking system
  • Navigate to add a new payee 
  • Search for “Langley” in the add new payee section
    Note: township payee name may vary by institution  
  • The 10-digit folio number from the tax statement is the account number to be used to identify your property 
  • Make online payment 
  • Keep a record of the confirmation number, which should include the timestamp and date 
  • Claim Home Owner Grant separately, if eligible

Canadian Financial Institutions

  • Check with your Financial Institution to see if they are open to accept payments for 2020. Due to Covid-19 some financial institutions may be closed or have reduced hours, their call centres are still open to assist you. Contact your Financial Institutions by phone as they may be able to assist you with making an electronic payment.
  • Claim Home Owner Grant separately, if eligible, or forward the completed Home Owner Grant application to the Township of Langley.

 Warning: Online, Canadian Financial Institution payments are subject to the penalty if rejected by the financial institution for any reason or if the payment is made after the financial institution’s local cut-off time on the due date. Retain your receipt; it may be required by the Township for proof of payment.

24-Hour Drop Box

  • Located at the street level entrance to the Civic Facility, 20338 65 Avenue 
  • Drop cheque and/or completed Home Owner Grant in an envelope labelled Tax Office
  • DO NOT put cash in the drop box 

 Warning: The 24-hour drop box will be cleared daily and at midnight on July 2, 2020. Any payment and/or Home Owner Grant received after July 2, 2020 is subject to the penalty.

Canada Post

Due to Covid-19 Canada Post is experiencing higher the normal volumes and delays as they are respecting the safety and physical distancing measures instructed by the Province of BC.

  • Forward a cheque and/or completed Home Owner Grant to 20338 65 Avenue, Langley BC, V2Y 3J1
  • DO NOT mail cash
  • Envelopes must be postmarked by Canada Post no later than July 2, 2020 

 Warning: Envelopes lost, stolen, delayed or with a postmark dated after July 2, 2020 by Canada Post will be subject to the penalty.

Pre-Authorized Debit Plan for the present tax year (PAD)

  • Outstanding balance shown on the Property Tax Statement is to be paid by July 2, 2020 to avoid a late payment penalty
  • Claim Home Owner Grant separately, if eligible, even if there is a credit balance showing, or forward the completed Home Owner Grant application to the Township of Langley – see below for locations

To join the Pre-Authorized Debit Plan (PAD)

  • Ensure current year's property taxes are paid by the due date of July 2, 2020
  • If the current year's taxes cannot be paid prior to the due date, contact the Tax Department at 604-533-6005
  • Complete the PAD application  
  • Attach a void cheque
  • Forward the application to the Revenue and Tax Collection Department, Township of Langley, 20338 65 Avenue, Langley BC V2Y 3J1. Or fax to 604-533-6181, or send by email to

In Person

Note: the Township of Langley Civic Facility is closed to the public due to COVID-19. All recreation facilities in the Township of Langley are closed and will not be accepting 2020 property tax payments.

For 2020 Property Tax in-person payments, the Civic Facility will only be open the following dates from 8:30am - 6:00pm, with strict physical distancing measures in place:

  • Monday, June 29, 2020 
  • Tuesday, June 30, 2020
  • Thursday, July 2, 2020

Bring the current year's property tax statement to the Civic Facility, Customer Service, second floor, 20338 65 Avenue, Langley. 

Payment Methods

  • Credit cards are not accepted.
  • Please avoid cash payments, for your safety and the safety of our employees. We strongly encourage online payments.
  • Cheques (payable to Township of Langley, including postdated cheques to July 2, 2020).
  • Debit cards - ensure your daily limit will cover your full tax payment. 

 Warning: For the safety of all customers and employees, if your transaction exceeds your daily limit, you will need to vacate the building while you contact your financial institution to increase your daily limit. When your limit is increased, you must line up again to make your payment. Alternatively, consider making your payment electronically. See above Online section for online payment instructions.