Property Tax Deferment Program

The property tax deferment program is a low interest loan that helps qualified BC homeowners pay their annual property taxes on their principal residence. There are currently two different programs depending on your qualifications.

How to apply for a new deferment application:

Wait until you receive your annual property tax notice. Annual property tax notices are mailed out at the end of May. You will need to know the amount of your current taxes before you apply.

Confirm you qualify for one of the two tax deferment programs listed below. Use the Province of BC’s website Eligibility Calculator  for clarification.

  1. Regular Program
    • You may qualify for the Regular Program if you:
  2. Families with Children Program

Your property tax account must be up to date. This means you must pay any property taxes owning from previous years, penalties, or interest as well as any utility charges of water, sewer and garbage if they are applicable to your property. These amounts are not eligible to be deferred.

Bring the completed application to the Civic Facility by the current year’s due date.  

Apply for the home owner grant, if eligible, and pay utilities, if applicable.

How to Renew your Property Tax Deferment

A renewal form is mailed to all active deferral clients by the Provincial Tax Deferment office in May.

Wait until you receive your annual property tax deferment renewal application from the Province of BC in mid May and wait until you receive your annual property tax statement from the Township of Langley in late May.

Complete the renewal application form, pay the utility charges of water, sewer, and garbage if applicable and complete the home owner grant, return all of the above to the Revenue and Tax Collection Department by the current year’s due date.

You must apply to complete the renewal application annually if you wish to continue to defer your property taxes.