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Put Waste in its Place

Every year the Metro Vancouver region spends $5 million cleaning up illegally dumped materials. We all know illegal dumping isn’t okay, but it still happens in our community. From abandoning old furniture at the curb, to using a public garbage can for something from home, illegally dumped items are still found throughout our community.

Recycle, donate, or dispose of unwanted materials. There are many options to get rid of unwanted waste, illegal dumping isn’t one of them. Put waste in its place. Learn more at or

Illegal Dumping in Metro Vancouver

Nobody Like a Lumpy Mattress

Think Thrice and Reduce Your Clothing Waste

At one point or another, most of us have purchased clothes to wear once for a themed party or bought an article of clothing because it was too cheap to pass up. But have you ever stopped and thought thrice about your purchase? On average, we buy three times more clothes than we did in the 1980s, with each of us throwing the equivalent of 44 t-shirts per year in the garbage.

It’s time to think thrice about old clothes by reducing, repairing, and re-using textiles instead of sending them to landfill. Learn how to reduce your clothing waste at .

New Recycling Program

Like the majority of municipalities across British Columbia, the Township is now a part of Recycle BC , a not-for-profit organization responsible for residential packaging and paper recycling across the province.

In addition to providing consistent, effective recycling throughout the province, joining Recycle BC helps transfer more responsibility to the producers and manufacturers of recyclable materials. Recycle BC works closely with these manufacturers and producers to ensure their support of the program and their commitment to creating items that can be responsibly recycled. 

Adjusting the Township’s processes will ensure they align with Recycle BC’s requirements. Learn more about the new program.

Acceptable Recycling Containers

Throughout the year you may find you have too much recycling to fit in your current recycling bins. The Township of Langley provides blue boxes, grey boxes, and yellow bags to residents at no charge. Properties are permitted to set out unlimited amounts of residential recycling provided it is sorted into the appropriate container. The use of clear or translucent blue bags for extra recyclables is not accepted.

Request additional blue boxes, grey boxes, or yellow bags online or by calling 604-530-3939. Recycling bins are also available for pick up at the Township’s Civic Facility (20338 - 65 Avenue) or Operations Centre (4700 - 224 Street).
Most household recyclables are free to drop-off at recycling depots and transfer stations. Be sure to call ahead.

Set Out and Collection Times

Garbage carts, Green Carts, and recycling should be curbside by 7:30am or it may not be collected. It is not recommended to have garbage curbside before 8:00pm the night before. To see a collection calendar for your property, type your address below. For detailed program information, please visit our garbage cart, green cart, or recycling pages.

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