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Green Cart Contamination

What is Green Cart contamination? Contamination is the presence of items that are not accepted as part of the Green Cart program.

Contaminants do not break down at local composting facilities, resulting in tiny pieces in the final product, as you can see in the sliding image below. You may have even noticed this when purchasing soil products as part of your gardening routine.

Which compost would you prefer to use in your garden?

Clean Compost
Dirty Compost

Contaminated (left), Clean (right)

The top ten most common contaminants are:

  1. Plastic bags and wrap (even those marked as compostable or as accepted in municipal collection)
  2. Coffee cups and pods
  3. Plastic flower pots
  4. Pop and beer cans
  5. Nylon/plastic twine (remember, only use cotton string or twine to bundle branches)
  6. Diapers
  7. Glass jars/bottles
  8. Paint cans and spray paint
  9. Textiles
  10. Medical products (such as Band-Aids, prescription bottles, etc.)

Green Carts should be used for food scraps, yard trimmings, and food soiled paper products. To double check if an item is accepted, visit Green Cart to see what’s in and what’s out.

New Drywall Disposal Options

All drywall is now being accepted at the Langley Transfer Station. It is not mandatory for used drywall to be tested for asbestos, but it must be double-bagged as specified below. The Township encourages safe handling procedures for all demolition and renovation waste. Residential quantities only.

Complete bagging instructions and tipping fee information .

Best handling practices for used drywall .

Note: Drywall is not accepted at the Surrey Transfer Station.

Set Out and Collection Times

Garbage carts, Green Carts, and recycling should be curbside by 7:30am or it may not be collected. It is not recommended to have garbage curbside before 8:00pm the night before. To see a collection calendar for your property, type your address below. For detailed program information, please visit our garbage cart, green cart, or recycling pages.

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