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Glass collection resumes: Glass collection will resume Monday, December 13. We appreciate your patience while crews work to address the amount of glass requiring collection. Due to truck capacity, collection times may temporarily extend to accommodate collection. Learn more.
Recycling supplies (blue boxes, grey boxes, yellow bags) are available for pick up at the Township’s Civic Facility (20338 – 65 Avenue) or free delivery via Sierra Waste. Requests for delivery may be made through our online form or by calling 604-530-3939. The Township’s Operations Centre remains closed to the public with recycling supplies unavailable at this location. For facility updates, visit

Online Request Services for Collection Programs

Do you need a new blue box or yellow bag? Are you looking to change a garbage or Green Cart to a different size? Maybe you’re looking to schedule a Large Item Pick Up? The Township has improved its online request services for curbside collection programs. Requests for recycling containers, changes to garbage or Green Carts, or scheduling of large item pick ups can all be completed online. See each of the forms below:

Sort it Right

Are you still including glass bottles in your blue box? Maybe you’re still separating newsprint from other paper products. As of last summer, the Township’s recycling program requires new sorting requirements affecting glass bottles, newsprint, and other items. Make sure you’re sorting it right by using our ‘What Goes Where’ tool below, or by reviewing our recycling guide now available in English, Punjabi, Chinese, and Korean. Remember, bins don’t sort recycling, people do!

Recycling in the Township

Do you ever wonder why you go through the work of sorting items at home, only for it to look like the recycling truck empties everything into the same spot? You’re not alone! Rest assured the recyclables you separate at home stay separated once collected. Watch our short video to see how recycling trucks are designed to keep items separated. 

Acceptable Recycling Containers

Throughout the year you may find you have too much recycling to fit in your current recycling bins. The Township of Langley provides blue boxes, grey boxes, and yellow bags to residents at no charge. Properties are permitted to set out unlimited amounts of residential recycling provided it is sorted into the appropriate container. The use of clear or translucent blue bags for extra recyclables is not accepted.

Most household recyclables are free to drop-off at your local Recycling and Waste Centre. Be sure to call ahead.

Set Out and Collection Times

Garbage carts, Green Carts, and recycling should be curbside by 7:30am or it may not be collected. It is not recommended to have garbage curbside before 8:00pm the night before. To see a collection calendar for your property, type your address below. For detailed program information, please visit our garbage cart, green cart, or recycling pages.

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