Backyard Composting

Backyard composters are available for in-person purchase and pick up at the Township’s Civic Facility (20338 – 65 Avenue). The Township’s Operations Centre remains closed to the public with composters not available for purchase at this location. Alternatively, composters may be purchased over the phone with free delivery by calling Township customer service (604-534-3211). For facility updates, visit

Backyard Composter

What is composting?

Composting is the natural decaying process of food and yard trimmings that results in a nutrient-rich material used to fertilize and condition soil.

Why compost?

By composting, you will help the environment, create a free and natural fertilizer, and reduce your garbage.

Purchase a backyard composter

The Township sells the FreeGarden, an 80-gallon, durable and lightweight composter. The subsidized cost to Township residents is $25. To mix your compost you can also obtain a Wing Digger aerator for $15. Both are available for purchase at:

Home delivery is available upon request.

Building your own backyard composter

An alternative to purchasing a composter is to build your own. For a detailed guide on how to make a composter, see Metro Vancouver's Compost Bin Construction Plans.

Using your backyard composter

Learn how to get the best out of your composter