Additional Carts and Exchanges

Cart Program staff will assess your request and contact you to confirm and provide information about changes (if any) to your taxes. All requests will be subject to a $50 per cart administration fee. Only property owners are authorized to request changes to cart collection.

If you just moved in and there are no carts at your property, please call 604-532-3533.

*Requests may take several minutes to process. Please do not press the back or submit buttons a second time.

Select Your Request

Garbage Cart Size Requested (maximum of 2 additional carts per property)
Additional Green Carts are not available unless the property has an authorized secondary suite, coach house or temporary mobile home. If you have one of the above and would like to request an additional 80L Green cart, click the following check box. Administration fees apply.
Garbage Cart

Green Cart

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Property Information

Property Owner Contact

Resident Contact (if different from above e.g. rental tenant)


I understand that all cart addition, removal, and exchange requests are subject to a $50 administration fee per cart, and that the annual collection fee on my property taxes is dependent on the size and number of garbage carts at my property*.

*See Cart Sizes and Rates for Single Family Homes and Townhomes for more information