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If you have just moved in and there are no carts at your property, or your home is newly-constructed and you need carts, call 604-532-3533. These requests cannot be completed online.

Please note: Longer than normal manufacturing lead times has resulted in limited inventory and availability of 80L Green Carts. Requests involving these models can still be submitted for processing, however, actual delivery or exchanges will be delayed until receipt of additional bins from the manufacturer, estimated to occur early August. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Only property owners are authorized to request changes to cart collection.

  • All additional carts and size exchanges are subject to a $50 per cart administration fee. Cart program will assess your request and provide further information.
  • Changes to annual fees applied to property taxes will occur if changing the size or number of garbage carts. Please consult for information on cart sizes and rates prior to submitting your request.

*Requests may take several minutes to process. Please do not press the back or submit buttons a second time.

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