The cart program is available by request to apartment and condo buildings, as well as other multi-family complexes with centralized collection. All complexes are entitled to recycling service. Complexes requesting garbage or organics service must be within our garbage collection zones. Organics carts are 240L; recycling and garbage carts are 360L. Dumpsters are not available. 

Green Cart and Garbage


Green CartIncludes organics collection, garbage collection, and large item pick up. Garbage Cart

Green Cart Only

Green Cart$45/unit/year

Includes organics collection.


  Recycling CartNo additional fee

Available to all buildings/complexes.

Cart Sizes

Size Height Width Depth
360L Garbage Cart 44.5" 25.13" 34.38"
240L Green Cart 43" 24.5" 27.5"

Information for Developers

Garbage and recycling services have rapidly changed over the last 50 years, with certain materials now required to be separated from garbage. If you are a builder or developer in the Township of Langley, please review Metro Vancouver’s Designing Accessible and Adequate Recycling Facilities. These general guidelines help ensure residents will have sufficient space for containers when they move in as well as for years to come. Is your building finished and trying to figure out how many bins you will need? See Metro Vancouver’s guide to estimate collection requirements based on number of units.

Other questions? Contact us

Email: carts@tol.ca
Cart Information Line: 604-532-3533