Multi-Family Composting Programs

Some townhouse and apartment complexes receive municipal cart collection, and some receive private collection. Check with your property management. If you are interested in receiving municipal collection, visit our Townhome or Apartment pages for more information. If you receive private garbage collection, contact your garbage collection contractor to discuss adding food scraps collection to your contract. There are many private haulers who can provide this service, and the cost of organics collection can be offset considerably by reducing the frequency of garbage collection.

Food Isn't Garbage

Food Isn't Garbage

By now, we should all know food isn’t garbage, but composting can be more challenging for residents in apartments and condo buildings. The Township of Langley and Metro Vancouver encourage residents of multi-family complexes to compost their food scraps and food soiled paper through their building’s green bin program. The “Food Isn’t Garbage” campaign highlights commonly confused items, while providing tips on how to make participating in your building’s composting program easier.

Confused as to what goes in the green bin? Hate having to make that special trip downstairs? Does your building not even have a green bin program yet? Learn the answers to all your multi-family composting questions by visiting Metro Vancouver’s Tips For Green-Binning In Apartments And Condos.

Organics Collection Services

The following is a list of companies that offer organics (including food scraps, food-soiled paper, and yard trimmings) collection services to multi-family buildings.

Captain Recycling
267 - 172 Street, Surrey
Emterra Group
6362 148th Street, Surrey
Maple Leaf Disposal Ltd
20380 Langley Bypass, Langley


NSD Disposal Ltd.
440 Canfor Avenue, New Westminster
Revolution Resource Recovery
19500 - 56 Avenue, Surrey
Smithrite Disposal Ltd.
70 Golden Drive, Coquitlam


Super Save Group
19395 Langley Bypass, Surrey
Waste Connections of Canada
34321 Industrial Way, Abbotsford
Waste Management of Canada Corporation
2330 United Boulevard, Coquitlam


Disclaimer: The Township of Langley does not endorse or warrant the work of any of the contractors listed. The cost of any service provided is to be determined between the contractor and the customer. The customer will be responsible for providing payment directly to the contractor. The Township will not act as an intermediary for any disputes relating to non-paying customers, or complaints of unsatisfactory work performed by the contractor.


Residential food scraps drop-off

Food scraps and yard trimmings are banned from the garbage in Metro Vancouver. Residents who don’t receive Township Green Cart collection, or do not have access to a private collection service, are welcome to drop off their food scraps at a Metro Vancouver Recycling and Waste Centre (formerly Metro Vancouver Transfer Station). A minimum $10 fee applies. Maximum 100L of food scraps per load.