Single Family Home

Collection Containers

Green Cart
Garbage Cart

Size: 240L
Collected weekly

For organic material: food scraps, yard trimmings, and soiled paper

Garbage cart
Garbage Cart
Size: 240L
Collected every other week

For garbage
Boxes and bag



Boxes and Bag




Collected weekly
For recycling: containers, paper, and glass bottles and jars

Collection Schedule

View a collection schedule for your property, or you can pick up a calendar at many Township facilities.

Cart Sizes and Rates

Learn more about available cart sizes and rates.

Frequently Asked Questions

Properties have two collection carts: one for garbage (grey lid) and one “Green Cart” for organic material such as food waste, yard trimmings, and soiled paper (green lid). Garbage is collected every other week; similar to Abbotsford, Surrey, and Vancouver. The Green Cart and recycling are collected weekly. Recycling uses the blue box and bag system.

First, make sure your property falls within the garbage collection zone. If you have not received carts, or you recently moved and there are no carts at your new property, call 604-532-3533 or email

A collection schedule for your property is available at or you can pick up a calendar at many Township facilities. Need a collection reminder? Sign up for a call, text, or tweet at

Green Cart

Additional Green Carts are not available.* Extra yard trimmings may be put out in paper bags or 80L cans marked with a “Green Can”** or “Yard Trimmings” decal. Twigs and branches can be bundled using garden string or twine (no wire, nylon rope, or plastic strapping).

  • Maximum branch size: 1 m (3 ft) in length and 7.5 cm (3 in) in diameter
  • Maximum bundle size: 1 m (3 ft) in length and 0.5m (1.5 ft) in diameter
  • Maximum bundle, container, or bag weight: 20 kg (44 lbs)

*Properties with an authorized secondary suite, coach house, or temporary mobile home may apply for a second (80L) Green Cart for their property. A $50 administration fee will apply.

**Free Green Can decals are available at Township facilities


Most properties can avoid additional fees by maximizing use of their Green Cart and recycling programs. 60-70% of household waste can be recycled or composted. If your property is still generating too much garbage for your cart, you can choose from the following options:

Extra garbage stickers

Households that occasionally produce extra garbage can purchase Extra Garbage stickers for $3/bag or 80L can. Extra garbage will only be picked up on days designated for garbage pick-up (see your collection calendar). Stickers are available for purchase at these participating retail locations:

  • Lee’s Market (23320 Mavis Avenue, Fort Langley)
  • IGA 2410 (200 Street, Brookswood)
  • FreshCO (27566 Fraser Highway, Aldergrove)
  • IGA 88 Avenue (20159 - 88 Avenue, Walnut Grove)

Extra Garbage stickers are also available by mail. To order, call Township Customer Service at 604-534-3211.

Additional Carts

Properties that regularly produce excess garbage may obtain up to two (2) additional garbage carts for their property. Additional fees will be applied to your annual tax notice. Please see Cart Sizes and Rates – Single Family Home for more information.

The annual garbage fee is dependent on the size and number of garbage carts you have. Properties that produce the least waste will pay less on their annual taxes. See Cart Sizes and Rates – Single Family Home for more information.


The fees paid to license an authorized suite do not include any charges for garbage collection, therefore owners are not entitled to extra garbage collection beyond the approved limits per property. All properties (with or without suites) are entitled to up to two (2) additional garbage carts with annual fees associated. Suggested options for properties with suites include:

  • Share your garbage cart with your suite
  • Purchase Extra Garbage stickers. Each $3 sticker permits the collection of one bin or bag of extra garbage. See a list of retail locations
  • Apply for an additional 120L cart for your suite

For more information about additional carts, see Cart Sizes and Rates – Single Family Home.

Green Cart

Authorized secondary suites and coach houses are entitled to one additional Green Cart with no annual fee. A $50 administration fee will apply.

Research from across North America shows that moving to biweekly garbage collection maximizes the amount of food scraps being diverted from landfills and incinerators. Other municipalities in the Metro Vancouver region are using this collection schedule, including Surrey, Abbotsford, and Vancouver.

Most of the material that will cause odours or attract pests will be in the Green Cart that is picked up every week. To mitigate concerns about odours, wrap your food scraps in paper, keep your lid closed, and put your cart out every collection day, even if it isn’t full.

Here are some tips:

  • Line the bottom with newspaper
  • Layer food scraps under yard trimmings
  • Sprinkle with baking soda or powdered garden lime
  • Store it in the shade
  • Place it outside every week for collection, even if it isn’t full
  • Wash it regularly
  • Keep the lid closed at all times

Common reasons are:

  • It was not your scheduled pick-up week (for garbage)
  • Your carts were not left at the curb by 7:30am
  • Your cart was overflowing with the lid unable to be shut. Extra garbage stickers should be purchased for overflow garbage.
  • Your carts contained unaccepted and/or banned materials

Look for a tag on your cart to explain why it was not collected.

If you have additional questions or need further assistance, call Sierra Waste Services at 604-530-3939. If you are still not satisfied, call us at 604-532-3533.

Carts should be placed within one metre of the road in a location that does not impede pedestrian, vehicular, or bicycle traffic. Examples include the end of your driveway, or on the grass boulevard adjacent to your driveway.

The Solid Waste Management Bylaw 2011 No. 4845 was approved summer 2011. The bylaw requires food scraps be separated from regular garbage.

Having a Green Cart solves the problem of what to do with meat, cooked food and dairy products. Meat, bones, dairy, and cooked food should not go in backyard composters as they create odour and attract pests. Check out our Backyard Composting page for more information.

These bags do not compost quickly enough for local composting facilities and cannot be accepted in municipal collection. Instead, use paper bags designed for food waste or wrap your food scraps in newsprint.

If you have higher volumes of yard trimmings at certain times of year (e.g. leaves in the fall), we recommend keeping your 80L Green Can or Yard Trimmings cans, marked with a Green Can decal, for these times. If you plan to occasionally put out extra garbage using Extra Garbage stickers, you may also wish to keep a garbage can. Here are some other ideas of how you can reuse or upcycle your old cans:

  • Store outside toys, pool toys, camping gear, gardening supplies and tools, charcoal/firewood, Christmas lights, animal feed, or your earthquake and survival kit.
  • Plant potatoes - take a look at this tutorial for detailed instruction and save garden space for big vertical yields. Mulch fall leaves (insert weed wacker inside can of leaves)
  • Turn it into a rain barrel - take a look at this tutorial for detailed instructions.
  • Compost pet waste - take a look at this tutorial for detailed instruction, and remember, composted pet waste should never be used on a garden.

To dispose of an old can, arrange a Large Item Pick Up* through Sierra Waste Services at 604-530-3939.

*residents are entitled to 4 large items picked up per year by appointment.

Carts are linked to the property address and should stay at the property. Please clean out your carts and leave them behind for the next resident. If you are moving within the Township to a property that receives municipal garbage collection and there are no carts when you move in, contact us at or 604-532-3533.

Other questions? Contact us.

Cart Information Line: 604-532-3533