Waste Services for Rural Properties

Properties located outside the municipal garbage collection area  are encouraged to use the following disposal options.


All residential properties in the Township are entitled to recycling pick-up.
For more information, view the recycling page.


To dispose of garbage, you may:

  1. Self-haul to a drop-off facility
    There are two Metro Vancouver Transfer Stations located nearby. For locations, hours of operation, and materials accepted, refer to Metro Vancouver's Disposal Facilities  web page.
  2. Hire a private collection service
    Here's a list of haulers that service the Township of Langley.


Compostable organic material (e.g. food scraps, yard trimmings, and soiled paper products such as napkins) are banned from Metro Vancouver landfills and transfer stations. Organic material should not be placed in the garbage. Instead, use one of the following options.

  1. Backyard compost
    Compost your food scraps, yard trimmings and soiled paper into rich soil in your own backyard. Composting can reduce your garbage by 40%. Backyard composters are available for purchase for $25 at the Civic Facility or Operations Centre.
  2. Hire a private collection service
    Most private garbage hauling companies can collect garbage and organic material under the same contract. Consider having the garbage collected less frequently to mitigate costs.
  3. Self-haul to a drop-off facility . Minimum charges may apply.