Illegal Dumping

Litter on the sidewalk, a couch on the roadside, bags of trash in the ditch. We’ve all seen illegal dumping in our Township.

Illegal dumping and litter costs taxpayers over $400,000 a year. The Township is taking steps to prevent illegal dumping, and offenders can be fined $500.

Stopping illegal dumping is a community effort. Let’s work together to keep our Township clean, safe, and beautiful. Click on the links below for more information on reporting illegal dumping, proper disposal options, and other ways to get involved.

Learn more about what the Township is doing to tackle litter and illegal dumping.

Litter and Illegal Waste Management Strategy

In April 2015, Township Council approved the Litter and Illegal Waste Management Strategy. The Strategy was developed with input from the public, and is based on three fundamental pillars: education, infrastructure, and enforcement. This Strategy is guiding the Township’s efforts to combat litter and illegal dumping.

What can I do to help?

  • Report all incidents of illegal dumping
  • Join the fight against litter and become a member of Adopt-a-Program. Over 2,000 volunteers and in 300+ groups have committed to keep Township streets, parks, creeks, and trails litter-free. You can clean up once, or for several years, and the Township will provide supplies and dispose of the waste on your behalf.

We need your help to find, identify, and hold illegal dumpers accountable for their waste. Your statement may assist bylaw officers in fining the offender $500.

Report online

Create a service request.

Reporting hotline

Call 1-844-SEE-DUMP (733-3867) to report illegally dumped material, or to provide information on an illegal dumper.

Residential Disposal

Large-Item Pick Up

Properties that receive municipal garbage service may have up to four large items picked up by appointment at any time throughout the year. Book a large item pick up by calling the hauler directly at 604-530-3939.


The Township offers recycling collection to all residential properties. Local depots also accept many other items for recycling, most free-of-charge.

Garbage and Green Cart collection

The Township offers garbage and Green Cart collection to residential properties within designated collection zones. This service includes the pick-up of four large items per year, including furniture, appliances, and mattresses.

Rural properties

Properties that fall outside our collection zones can hire a private hauler or self-haul their garbage and organic waste to a Metro Vancouver Recycling and Waste Centre.

Backyard composting

Backyard composting sustainably manages food scraps, yard trimmings, and soiled paper generated at your property. Residents can purchase a backyard composter at a subsidized rate.

Hazardous Waste

  • Many hazardous waste items are accepted for free at local depots year-round. Visit to find a drop off locations near you.
  • Hazardous waste can also be disposed of at the Township’s annual Household Hazardous Waste Event every October. The Township will safely dispose of these items on residents’ behalf.

Commercial Disposal

Businesses in the Township are responsible for properly disposing their garbage, recycling, and organic waste.

Recycling and Disposal Cost Estimator Tool

Tipping fees at Metro Vancouver’s Recycling and Waste Centres vary based on the material being dropped off and its weight. Some materials like scrap metal can be dropped off for free, while others are subject to tipping fees. To estimate the disposal cost at Metro Vancouver’s facilities, try their disposal cost estimator.

Frequently asked questions

The Township of Langley currently uses the Bylaw Offence Notice system for the issuance of bylaw offence notices; and the maximum penalty under this system is $500.

The Bylaw Offence Notice system allows the Township and recipients to deal with disputes at the local level, rather than through the Provincial Court System, therefore reducing the costly, time-consuming process associated with disputing violation notices through the Provincial Court System.

The new Solid Waste Management Bylaw 2016 No. 5200, approved by Council in May 2016, states that a resident can be fined for miss-management of waste. This means that dumpers do not necessarily have to be caught in the act to be fined. Evidence pertaining to the generator of the waste may be used in enforcing the management of solid waste.

Yes! Following the launch of the education campaign, we saw 77 fewer incidents of illegal dumping when compared to the year prior. Increasing awareness of the issue and disposal options, as well as letting offenders know their waste is under investigation helps reduce the frequency of illegal dump sites.