Snow and Ice Control


During a snowstorm, Township of Langley crews work around the clock to ensure our roads are safe. More than 500 kilometres of roadway are maintained during snow and ice events. All roads are categorized into First, Second and Third Priority Routes.

To learn more about the Township's Snow and Ice Control program, read Policy 05-102 

First, Second and Third Priority Routes

Township of Langley Policy 05-102  requires road surfaces to be maintained in good winter condition (does not mean bare pavement) through continued use of assigned personnel and equipment, and subject to availability of resources.

To meet this requirement, the Township provides street sanding, salting and plowing based on priority routes:

First Priority Routes

  • Are major collector roads, arterial roads, school zones, bus routes and hilly areas.
  • Cover 310 kilometres of roadway
  • Are serviced on a continuous basis as long as poor conditions exist

Second Priority Routes

  • Are industrial and commercial roads, secondary residential through-roads between arterial and major collector roads.
  • Cover 196 kilometres of roadway.
  • Are serviced during regular business hours only. Minimal overtime is authorized. If conditions deteriorate on any higher priority route, resources are redirected back to first priority routes.

Third Priority Routes

  • Is “condition based” service on all remaining residential roads. When snow accumulation exceeds 250 millimetres (10 inches) in the centre of the travel portion of the road, as measured by a Township roads superintendent, only a single pass of the plow may be made.
  • Is serviced during regular business hours only.
  • Sanding and salting will be done at intersections when conditions warrant.
  • If conditions deteriorate on any higher priority route, resources will be redirected back to first or second priority routes.

Watch a video about the the Township's Snow and Ice Control Policy

Watch a video about the road treatment used during snow and ice events

Sidewalk Snow Removal

Did you know? Clearing snow from your sidewalk is not only the neighbourly thing to do; it’s also the law. Residential property owners are required to clear snow from sidewalks fronting their property within 24 hours of a snowfall.

All properties in the Township of Langley zoned as industrial, commercial and institutional are required to remove snow and ice daily from sidewalks and walkways fronting or adjacent to the property by 10:00am (Bylaw No. 4758 

Garbage & Recycling Service Delays

For updates on garbage and recycling collection delays in your area, call our contractor Sierra Waste at 604-530-3939 or visit their blog , which is updated as needed.


For service updates during severe snowfalls, wind storms, or flooding, please call our Storm Response Information Hotline at 604-514-HELP (4357). The Township will provide a voice-recorded update only during these or other extreme weather events.

After-Hours Emergencies
604-543-6700 (evenings, weekends, and statutory holidays)