Water Management

Provincial Licencing Requirements for Groundwater Users

Under the provincial Water Sustainability Act (WSA), non-domestic groundwater users are required to apply for a water licence and pay water fees and rentals to the provincial government on or before March 1, 2022. Learn more.

Groundwater Management/Sustainability Plan

Read the Township of Langley Water Management Plan, which sets out to ensure safe and sustainable groundwater for the community for generations to come. Currently, the plan is undergoing a provincial review.

Private Well Network

The Township of Langley's groundwater supply can become contaminated by bacteria, heavy metals, and other chemicals which can threaten common drinking water sources. Residents with private wells can join the Private Well Network.

Water Quality Report

The Township of Langley Water Quality Report provides information on the importance of conserving local groundwater resources and tips on how to protect our drinking water supply.

Water Emergency Plan

The Township maintains a Water Emergency Plan to ensure both regulatory compliance and major emergency response preparedness in the event of a significant incident.

Integrated Stormwater Management Plans

An Integrated Stormwater Management Plan (ISMP) integrates land use, stormwater management, and environmental values to direct future activities in each Township watershed, where significant development is expected to take place.

Water Wise

Water Wise is an initiative of the Township of Langley's Water Resource Management Strategy. It includes a public outreach and educational program delivered annually throughout the Township with the help of the Langley Environmental Partners Society (LEPS). 

Seasonal Water Restrictions

Don't waste what we drink! All municipal water delivered to your house is drinking water. Conserve water by limiting outdoor water use. Active water restrictions are in effect May 1 - October 15.